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  1. We were in an ocean view cabin last week on Summit and were invited to the helipad for the the Sail Away from St. Thomas. I would say there were about 100 others and we were offered sparkling wine or juice. This was only our third sailing with Celebrity so yes "normal" folk are also sometimes invited. We enjoyed it and appreciated the invite.
  2. I bought $500 OBC pre-cruise when Amex had the promo spend $500 on Celebrity and get $150 credit back on Amex and that was our gambling budget since it was "free" money. I was able to use this refundable OBC to add money on my casino account at the slot machines on the Summit last week and play it or cash it out no problem. When we had asked the cashier about getting chips to play from our OBC we were told we would not be able to cash out the chips purchased with OBC only winnings but I think that policy is supposed to only apply to promo non-refundable OBC.
  3. Exactly I purchased $500 OBC for my January cruise and I have already received the $150 credit on my Amex. I used my promo OBC to upgrade drink package and for shore excursions so I will use the purchased OBC for gratuities and other extra expenses onboard. We usually purchase some duty-free and a speciality dinner or spa treatment so if you usually have onboard expenses it is a good deal.
  4. I just called and purchased $500 OBC with Celebrity for our January cruise and got the email confirming the offer from AMEX "Great news you have just used your AMEX offer" right before the Celebrity email confirming the purchase. The Celebrity agent did mention that the OBC won't show in my Cruise Planner or be available for use until boarding but that is okay. We will use it for gratuities and other onboard purchases.
  5. Thank you for your great review especially sharing the MDR menus even though you were in an Aqua stateroom. We will be on the Summit in January and are excited to see the changes to the ship since Summit was our first Celebrity cruise and we love cruising the Southern Caribbean. We definitely agree about the Persian Gardens on the Summit while we have decided we prefer cruising with Celebrity we loved the Spas on Norwegian. Of course they also come with an extra cost while Celebrity has the Aqua Spa and indoor poor included for all passengers. We do want to try Princess, is there a ship would
  6. I have the offer on my Everyday Amex and have a cruise in January and have made final payment for the cruise but not the gratuities. If I purchase $500 OBC with my Amex card will my service charges come from the purchased OBC and not the $100 promo OBC I have in my Cruise Planner? My understanding is that promo OBC is non-refundable and can't be used for gratuities but the purchased OBC would be refundable if we don't use it all, right?
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