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  1. No - Icy Strait Brewing is right in Hoonah - it was a little closer to the ship (relatively) on the edge of town when we went in 2016 but it looks like they moved a bit further in and have expanded their offerings. I don't recall any food when we were there. Icy Strait Brewing
  2. We're doing the Eclipse cruise out of Vancouver this year, the Icy Point itinerary. I'd LOVE to go to Sitka as I've not been there yet and it looks really neat but our options were limited by time off factors and because we're going with a group of friends. Icy Point is okay, we stopped there in 2016; it's a really small fishing village with a built up cannery museum. I don't think you can go wrong with either option overall.
  3. Lol this is in my 'hood. It's the best poutine in town.
  4. We took our then 9 year old to Grease on Harmony in 2018 and she loved the show. Went again in November and she walked out at age 10 commenting "that was really inappropriate" because she understood a few more of the jokes. 😂 She still enjoyed the show and would probably keep watching it. There are definitely some crass parts but they aren't any worse than in the Travolta/Newton-John movie version so you can always give it a re-watch and judge.
  5. Hi Thanks I got the email link, did reply as I used a email variation on here so drive didn't like me clicking through from my real email. What part of BC is your brother in law from? I've been to lots of parts of the province but having feel living in Victoria for over half my life (!). It's pretty beautiful! If you're ever coming this way hit me up for some suggestions!
  6. Hi! @AlohaLivin I just found your thread/post today. I would love to use the Three Amigos map, if you're still okay with sharing your hard work! It's our first visit to PR in a couple weeks and I think your map sounds like my vague plan! Please use jenn.gcbf at Gmail for com. Thank you for sharing your hard work. I've read through the whole thread so hopefully won't mess up anything!
  7. Just found your review, looking forward to the whole thing! We're on the Nov 17 sailing with a number of the other commenters! Should be a great time. We've also booked the Radisson at the Port and are doing the KSC + airport transfer on departure. WE have an overnight flight from the west coast Friday-Saturday so are getting in early Saturday morning, renting a car for the day to check out Disney Springs and whatever else strikes our fancy. Grills is looking like a good choice for dinner that night if we get to Cocoa Beach before that time.
  8. Just adding another vote for the museum, it's one of our favourite places. The BC Legislature is open for tours between 9am and 5pm and it's a pretty neat looking building inside and out. The website says self guided tours end at 4:30pm so you might find the time a bit tight but it's pretty historical for around here. For pubs - Garrick's Head is a fav for food and beer choices...if you just want good craft beer I suggest going a little further north to the Pandora Street side of Market Square to the Drake Eatery. The food is small and a bit trendy but the beers are the
  9. we rented a car through Avis in 2016 for about $80; easy, quick walk from the docks to the hotel where the Avis is located. Took a few minutes and our mini van full was off to Mendenhall Glacier with no issues. Was great, we got to spend the time we wanted and stopped at the actual Alaskan Brewery tasting room on the way back to town.
  10. If the ship is offering the zip line tour then it should work out fine since they won't sail away without passengers on an excursion booked through the ship but if it's booked on your own then definitely don't do it. We're going for the first time in November and at this point I think we're just going to do our own thing with cabs.
  11. We were on Harmony last May and they had those groups of kids together then too. I think that's part of the reason mine wasn't really into the club like she'd been on other cruises but on the other hand Harmony has way more to do than ships she's been on in the past. I was hoping they would be separate this time (November) but should probably not expect it.
  12. I bow to your superior planning skills...I will be doing this in November!! Thanks! 😊
  13. We had MTD on Harmony last May and generally had 6:30 reservations each night. They were actually great about seating us at the same table every night (except for 2x) so we got to know the wait staff well and they were both lovely. We were at a table for 4 every night (3 of us) and didn't sit with any other passengers. It was really nice, although we do like the dinner with strangers aspect too. Might have to see if we can mix it up this November. I assume you can request to sit with other people but they never offered and we never asked.
  14. even better - specialty coffees + a shot of Bailey's to get the morning going 😉
  15. Hi I can only comment on the one I've done; haven't actually made it to the beaches in St Thomas and first visit to St Maarten will be this November but we did do a kayak/snorkel/beach walk tour in St Thomas the first time we were there. Not sure if it's the same excursion you're considering but it was really great. The paddle was about a mile with a stop over a jellyfish area, went to a beach with great mangrove snorkeling and then a walk to a blow hole. It was a really great excursion. Just don't pick up the giant land hermit crabs!
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