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  1. Anytime dining is the best way to go. If you like a waiter you can always ask to be seated at his table on subsequent nights. We had a waiter we loved on the 1st night and sat at his table every night. It was great!
  2. Of course I would do that! There is a little restaurant near us that makes the best homemade pies and we never have room after dinner. We always take a piece home to eat later.
  3. Does anyone know if Carnival is doing anything special on the Miracle for their 9/11 Cruise out of New York? I know that one year (I think it might have been last year), they left late so pax could see the lighted beams at Ground Zero.
  4. Good thing I didn't get caught, huh? :D
  5. Well, I've read the whole thread and just thought I would pop in my 2 cents worth. I'm a bit perplexed about the whole e-cig thing and Carnival's new policy. It is not smoking and I am not looking forward to spending my nights in the casino surrounded by people smoking cigarettes. Guess I will have to bit the bullet and not use my e-cig in the casino until Carnival comes to its senses. As for e-cigs and the various brands out there. The Joye510 Ego tank kit is awesome. I must have 12 different e-cigs, 901's, regular Joyes, tanks, you name it. The Joye 510 Ego with the tank lasts me all day with no charging and filling my tank. Mine is pink with no lights, so there is no mistaking it for a cigarette. The best liquids out there come from a little company right here in beautiful Vermont. They make their own with distilled water, vegetable glycerin, food grade flavorings, nicotine and citric acid. The flavors are delish (I love the Cafe-au-Lait) and they are made right in the good ole USA. The name of the company is vtvapor dot com. Check it out!
  6. I love my Ego. It gives you a great hit and the battery lasts for hours and hours. I can go a day without charging, but it depends on how much you use it, of course. I have about 5 - 510's, which is what I started with and still use them once in a while. Since I live in Vermont, I support vtvapor, but I have ordered liquid from Johnsons Creek and vtvapor is much better. The flavors are awesome...Love my Mocha and Strawberry Mango!
  7. I stopped in there today and yes, he is upgrading the site. Should be back up later tonight. They even have a Maple flavor juice, in the spirit of Vermont!
  8. I've been smoke free for quite a while now. There is a company right here in Vermont that makes their own e-liquid. None of that crappy Chinese stuff. Who knows whats in that. The liquid I vape consists of filtered water, vegetable glycerin (not that propyl....stuff which is petroleum based), citric acid as a preservative, nicotine and the best flavors! I know exactly where it is made and the person that makes it. You should try their site...vtvapor dot com. I bought my Ego e-cig from them. The battery lasts me almost 24 hours before it needs charging and it's manual. It's also pink! I love it.
  9. Not sure where they are available near Ontario. The retail store they own is in Vermont, but you can buy them on-line. They are a bit cheaper through their website and I believe they ship to Canada. They do actually have people that drive 3 hours from Montreal to buy their E-Liquid. It's the best and not made in China like most. It's made right here in Vermont.
  10. Oops,. it's vt vapor (one word) dot com. Check it out
  11. I have a better idea. A fellow cruiser has a website that sells Electronic Cigarettes and Vermont Made liquid. Just go to vermont vapor dot com and check it out. It's a lot cheaper! We spend about $25 a month and haven't smoked a real cigarette in over a year!
  12. 5 years ago when we were on the Dawn, there was a bus that dropped you off at the pier. There isn't one anymore? We were going to go there and have lunch. I certainly don't want to go to Ron Jon's or Wal-Mart, or the Mall. I can do that here! Anyone know who much a taxi would cost?
  13. We've never done it on Carnival. We like the experience of meeting new people. We travel with 2 couples, so if we don't care for the other table mates, we can just ask to switch tables or eat with just the 4 of us. But, that saying, Princess is owned by Carnival, so it might not work any better. What they did was keep the lower dining room, traditional dining, and made the upper level "Anytime Dining"
  14. You don't "have" to dress up for formal nights on Carnival. You can wear resort casual clothes on that night and not even get a strange look. Just no shorts on formal night. Carnival is now allowing dress shorts in the dining room on non-formal night. Just no cut-offs, etc.
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