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  1. Tried to pay my cruise balance this morning. After entering all the relevant details, hit the enter button to have a message displayed saying “ you have reached the maximum number of passengers for this cruise”. I’m a bit bemused by this as I certainly had no intention of inviting anyone else along to see The Northern Lights next February. Anyway, I will leave it for a few days and see what happens with my bank account ( have I paid or not?). Other issues. I have 2 planned cruises which are not displayed on my account. Mysteriously, I have other planned cruises which are. Also, trying to enter details on cruise personaliser (such as the address of the person to contact in an emergency.......new requirement) was not easy, however I did eventually manage to save the data. I have sent feedback to P&O. To be honest, I guessed the new CP would have it’s issues. After all, the new on-line booking system is pretty dire so it was odds on that the CP would go the same way. I’m someone who doesn’t mind change, if it’s for the better, but feeling pretty frustrated at the moment. The old CP worked so well. Let’s hope these issues can be sorted out pretty quickly.
  2. We have booked cabin G417 and have been in cabins around there previously. There is absolutely no obstruction, they are mid ship and very close to the lifts (but no stairs......at present). Perfect for us.
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