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  1. What happens if there is a mandatory evac ordered in Florida? I would imagine the ports would be closed. I know when Frances/Ivan/Jeanne hit a few years ago several emabrk/debark ports were changed and the cruise lines bussed departing pax to the other ports, but how does that work if you are supposed to get on the ship and the port is different? I know the ships won't be in port until after the storm has passed, but if it was a mandatory evac and damage occurred, travel would be difficult.
  2. morella888

    Handicapped Cabin. Pictures Anyone?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually going to start a thread to ask if anyone had experience with Carnival regarding this issue, hoping to make sure they would contact me if necessary, but I found this thread. I will contact them just so they know I am aware and willing to help make sure the cabin is available if necessary.
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    Handicapped Cabin. Pictures Anyone?

    I recently booked cabin 7101 on the Legend in September. We normally book IS but because of a past guest upgrade we were given a choice of 4D cabins (4E being full apparently) and we chose this one because it appeared larger on the ship diagram. I was not informed by TA that this was a modified cabin, and only found this out after searching on this board for a description of the cabin. The TA (an online agency I have not used before) charges for changes in room assignments (a fact I found out after booking only by reading their contract - please don't respond about how I should have asked more questions, etc, I know and my thoughts on this agency are not kind at the moment but lesson learned for future) so I don't want to have to pay for a re-assignment but would gladly accept being moved, even to the worst cabin on the ship, if someone needed this room. My question is - I know Carnival won't speak with me about my reservation, but is it possible I could send an email or letter stating my desire to be contacted in the event somebody needs this cabin? I am reticent to talk to the TA about this, I have no faith in their service. Also, in reading this thread I remembered seeing an article here regarding the new proposals being discussed with regards to accessibility issues. I personally hope that the cruise lines willingly accept their responsibility to create an environment where all passengers are treated fairly in this regard. Here's the link to the article http://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=1925