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  1. What happens if there is a mandatory evac ordered in Florida? I would imagine the ports would be closed. I know when Frances/Ivan/Jeanne hit a few years ago several emabrk/debark ports were changed and the cruise lines bussed departing pax to the other ports, but how does that work if you are supposed to get on the ship and the port is different? I know the ships won't be in port until after the storm has passed, but if it was a mandatory evac and damage occurred, travel would be difficult.
  2. morella888

    A question about the Supper Clubs

    I had been told that the lobster served on the DR is Bahamian lobster (on Caribbean sailings at least). Can anyone verify this, and perhaps if the lobster in the supper club is Maine lobster, which would explain the difference.
  3. First of all, Mommabean, my sympathy for your experience. After reading this, I decided to do some research. So to share with the rest of you what I found: http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/concern/flunitrazepam.html info on rohypnol http://www.drinksafetech.com.au/pages/usefulinfo/questions.html company that makes drink test kits for GHB and Ketamine
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    Ecstasy or Fantasy

    Sorry I said they were same itinerary, I didn't know Ecstasy and switched to Progreso. When did that happen?
  5. morella888

    Ecstasy or Fantasy

    Carnivalbound: I would check out another TA, especially if you made clear your reasons for wanting to leave from Galveston or NO. As far as the Ecstasy/Fantasy comparison goes: same itinerary, same ship design. Decor may be a little different, but that should be about it. We were on the Fantasy a couple years ago, and it was a great ship. Not sure which had the most recent refurb; we were on Sensation after they added the mini-golf (and I believe both Ecstasy and Fantasy have this too now), which would probably be fun for kids. Haven't been on the Conquest, but have seen plenty of great things about it.
  6. morella888

    A question about the Supper Clubs

    Thanks for the information. If we are able to go the first night - would it be best to advise the maitre d of the main dining room so he can let the servers know?
  7. morella888

    A question about the Supper Clubs

    I didn't mean shorts and a t-shirt relaxed; I was just concerned in case his suit doesn't arrive on time, as our garment bag is too large to carry on, but we can pack a shirt and tie in our carry-on.
  8. morella888

    A question about the Supper Clubs

    Is the dress code relaxed the first night in the supper club also - in case luggage doesn't show up?
  9. morella888

    Carnival ID

    Here's a listing for vital records info by state. I'm sure most do expedited service, especially if you call and explain the situation. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/howto/w2w/w2welcom.htm
  10. morella888

    Bon Voyage Gifts - those who have ordered

    Thanks for the info. I'll just hope its ready when we go drop off our carryon, and if not, back to the Lido for another "FunShip"!
  11. morella888

    Bon Voyage Gifts - those who have ordered

    Thanks for the response. I searched for "bon voyage gifts", which is why I didn't find that other thread.
  12. For anyone who has ordered the gifts to be in your stateroom on embarkation, I'm wondering when to expect them to be delivered/set up in the cabin. I'm trying to surprise DH, so I don't want him going to the room before the gift is delivered. We usually are on the ship as early as possible. I know we can't go to the room til about 1:30; should the gifts be there at that time as well? I'm looking at one of the multi-item bundles, not decorations. Thanks!
  13. morella888

    Please Help!

    I would recommend using the credit card instead of debit card. That way if they do place a hold on it, you don't have to worry about any checks that will be going thru the bank while you are away (as the hold will reduce your available balance). Also, since it is a five night, I assume you are on a Fantasy clas ship, so swapping rooms shouldn't be too difficult as they have a separate room key (on the ones I have been on at least). On the newer ships, your sign and sail is your room key also, which could cause problems if swapping. Enjoy your trip.
  14. morella888

    Vegan Food

    Many of the vegetarian items are pasta dishes, which may include egg or milk. There was a negative review here a while ago by a woman who was very upset about the inability to have a vegan menu prepared. I'm sure she can find things to eat, but may not have much variety. and from Carnival's website: "The following simple diets can be prepared onboard: vegetarian salt-free bland low sugar "
  15. morella888

    Room on Elation

    We were in E5 on Fantasy a couple years ago. We didn't notice motion, but neither of us is prone to motion sickness either. There is noise when the ship docks, but didn't notice any at other times.