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  1. In Kotar check out tours by Milo, he is passionate about his country.
  2. Just got off Grandeur, it has a more traditional (older crowd) who still adhere to "formal" attire. Mostly sport jackets with/without ties and ladies with dresses or gowns. Several tuxedos were worn and on the opposite end of the spectrum, some showed up in shorts, both were in the minority.
  3. Check out this website for some small tour ideas with skip the line tickets https://italytours.eu .
  4. Just off Grandeur today and here is my assessment of the key: Baltimore terminal is small and no real value in boarding or disembarking, except for picking up bags next to suites Chop lunch was good Only rock climbing wall for activities and for cruise with most people over "50" and many around "250" not much of a benefit. The comedian said the only way for people to climb the wall is if there was a buffet up there. Reserved seats in the theater was in the right balcony which is where I prefer. The area was managed for the dinner time shows, other shows the sign was up with
  5. Thanks for the update, we should remember that the key originally started as a pilot program with the end date of March 30th.
  6. On the same line as your C&A and/or Club Royale status
  7. Earlier posts indicated that if you print from the website, the key appears on your pass. Mine does for our May cruise.
  8. Sailing on Grandeur on May 30th in spacious ov balcony (casino rate), just received Royal UP email with the below options, can't find too much on Ocean View Suite. Any thoughts? Seems like the Key program may be a good alternative. UPGRADE OPTIONS priced per person for the entire length of your cruise
  9. Mid morning on first sea day with no conflict with key events, nametags, and still waiting to win rcl hat.
  10. Does anyone have any experience or insight into benefits on Grandeur. The program seems more beneficial on larger ships with more activities and people. For example where would the reserved seats be in the theater?
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