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  1. It certainly doesn't work for me. Two thirds of the cruise are sea days. Is it normal to have such a lot of sea days on a World Cruise? A lot of repeat ports: 3 days in Dubai, 2 days in Aqaba, 3 days in Singapore, 2 days in Colombo, 2 Suez Canal transits. Like Britboys, I will be waiting for something more interesting in 2023.
  2. Thanks for the replies. This was to be our first Azamara cruise. Given that Azamara, and everyone else, know full well that the cruise we are booked on will not be going ahead, I find Azamara's policy of cancelling after the deadline for final payment dishonest. As a result, we will not be booking another Azamara cruise. Earlier we had decided not to make the final payment but we would then lose our £750 deposit. However, we have now decided to make the final payment by credit card then claim a full refund once it is cancelled. We do not want Azamara to keep any of our money!
  3. We are due to pay the balance of our South American cruise in December by 10 September. We haven't received any emails regarding an extension to the final payment deadline. We booked direct. Obviously the cruise on Quest will not be happening but as far as I know has not yet been cancelled. We will not be making the final payment. Does anyone have the status of Quest sailings in December? Thanks.
  4. And for American readers Public Schools in the UK mean private schools in the US!
  5. Silver Spirit is now doing mini cruises from Saudi Arabia. The company obviously needs some money. See this article: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/silver-spirit-chartered-red-sea-cruises-saudi-summer-campaign Since the cruises are in Saudi waters only I assume the ship will operate in accordance with Saudi religious and social norms: call to prayer through the public address system 5 times a day, segregated pools and dining, no alcohol, no casino, no live entertainment, no dancing, no nightclub, halal food. A cruise I would definitely NOT like to be on!
  6. What a boring itinerary! It certainly isn't a World Voyage. Apart from New York where it starts and ends it omits all of North America, all of South America, all of Africa and New Zealand. More like a Middle East and Asia cruise. The five or so ports of call in the Arabian Gulf are all so similar. I won't be booking any of the segments.
  7. To add to the cancellation info: In addition, with Queen Elizabeth having returned to the UK during the pause, and with ongoing uncertainty over the re-opening of ports and countries on her intended routes next year, it is sadly not practical to continue as planned. We have therefore made the difficult decision to cancel Queen Elizabeth's voyages due to depart between 26 March 2021 and 13 December 2021. The cancelled sailings in and around Australia, Japan and Alaska will be replaced with a programme of shorter duration European holidays ranging from three to 14 nights. Queen Elizabeth will be returning to Australia at the end of 2021 and Japan in spring 2022. We're also excited to announce that we'll be putting new itineraries on sale for all ships through to the end of 2022, later this year. This will include Queen Elizabeth visiting Alaska and Australia once again.
  8. Journey is due to arrive in Cape Town on 2 December 2020 and then do one or two week cruises from Cape Town around South Africa and neighbouring countries until 19 March 2021. Airports and ports in South Africa have been closed to international visitors since March and there is no sign of them reopening. Some say the earliest they will reopen will be 2021. Covid-19 cases are rising rapidly in South Africa. There is no chance that cruises on Journey will go ahead. Journey is going into 'cold storage' in Glasgow. Yet Azamara is still selling these cruises. To me it feels dishonest but I guess it wants the money.
  9. That's not correct about South Africa. The country doesn't rely on aid from other countries. The statistics in South Africa are as reliable or more reliable than those in the US.
  10. You almost certainly won't be travelling by cruise ship to South Africa any time this year. Corona virus cases in South Africa are rising rapidly and have yet to reach their peak. All ports and airports are closed to international visitors.
  11. If the ships are sailing, we'll be sailing.
  12. I suppose they could avoid ports where tendering is required. Other lines with smaller ships and a much smaller number of passengers, for example, Seabourn would probably face fewer problems.
  13. We have booked our first Azamara cruise. It's a 12 night cruise leaving Buenos Aires on 9 December 2020. The cruise visits ports in Brazil and Uruguay. We paid a deposit of £250 per person and the balance is due on 10 September. We expect the cruise will be cancelled but in any event we will not be travelling. We cannot lift and shift since there are no similar itineraries in 2021 or 2022. Does anyone know if it is likely we will hear if the cruise is or isn't going ahead before we are asked to pay the balance? It would be nice if we would get the deposit refunded but not the end of the world if we lose it. Thanks.
  14. Dubai airport will reopen to international visitors on 7 July. Visitors must be in possession of a negative Covid-19 certificate issued within 4 days of arrival. The airport in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, has not confirmed an opening date. Road travel into and out of Abu Dhabi remains severly restricted. No mention of when sea ports will open.
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