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  1. Good detailed review! When I read all of the feedback and suggestions for cruising with a young child, I felt as if I could have been writing it myself. Our son was just shy of four on his first cruise, and the overstimulation and not enough sleep combination led to quite a few cranky moments. But it gets much better as they get older. (He is eight now and quite the international traveler.) And all of the suggestions and things you brought, I was right there with ya. One kid suggestion... Bring strong little magnets (can pick up on Amazon). Take the sheet from the pullman bed, and use the magnets to attach it to the walls or ceiling to make a fort bed. My son LOVED it, and it provided a little extra privacy for the adults.. if you know what I mean... ;p;) We've never had a steward that tried to take it down, so it stayed up all week for each of our cruises. Thanks for the review!
  2. JillL

    Drink package questions

    Watch your Cruise Planner for sales. As the previous posted responded, the price can change. Ours has gone from $48 to $45 to $50, and has fluctuated several times between those three prices. I have heard the price can go as low as $42. I purchased at $45 and will cancel and repurchase if it drops to $42.
  3. I read reviews frequently where people put a case of water in a bag (by itself) or just slap a baggage tab on it, and they always seem to make it to the room.
  4. JillL

    Beach Club Choices in Cozumel

    Paradise Beach is very nice and relatively inexpensive. It is only $3 to get in and $18 (extra) if you want to do the water blow-ups, which are very fun. They do ask that you eat $10 worth of food or drinks, but that is not hard to do. (It is not an all-inclusive.) The one thing that was nice was the pool is heated. This may not be an issue depending on the time of year, but we have been to Chankanaab a couple times, and their pool was freezing. Chankanaab is a great place also. There are a lot of different activities, and there is good snorkeling right from the beach. The price is very reasonable for the general admission, but it varies depending on your activities. Also, they have an all-inclusive option. This is a great place for families because there are so many different activities.
  5. On another cruise line (unnamed), kids can eat at the specialty restaurants for free by ordering off the kid's menu (regular one used for the main dining room). Does RC/LOS allow that?
  6. JillL

    Chops on Liberty?

    I you pay for FNDR through your cruise planner, do you pick the restaurant, or do they assign you to one?
  7. You should try the hammock idea, then answer all the above questions! Chairs/loungers; sofa bed/pullman; and hammock success. :)
  8. You'll have to tell me. We go next January. :D
  9. To comment on the "rare as they might be" comments... we booked our cruise in August, it has dropped four or five times already. Albeit, small amounts each time but a total savings of $350.00. I prefer to be able to call directly (for the aforementioned reason).
  10. They may be in the process of making a change to the itnerary. We had that happen on another cruise line. We booked for 1/20/19, and it disappeared. Come to find out, they changed it from a 7 day to an 8 day with an extra port leaving on 1/19/19. Because we had already booked, our price remained the same!
  11. JillL

    Liberty 1-7 to 1-14. My Take

    It all depends on the given time. We sailed mid December, and it was absolutely beautiful. We were at the pool all day the first sea day and last. But I have sailed at roughly the same time in years past, and it was cold on the way out and back in. Just depends on the weather that week.
  12. I have been to both, and I think Blue Kay will fit your needs. Honestly, we would not go back to Maya Chan. It is an amazing place, but we are not huge drinkers either. With the grass build up and the unclear waters, it just doesn't appeal to us as we like to snorkel also. We were at Blue Kay last month for the first time. One thing I will say (and you can probably find more on this in other threads) is Blue Kay is VERY inconsistent in what they charge. We were charged $15, which included cushions for the loungers and two drinks. They did not charge for my 7 year old. We were fine with that charge because we would have probably purchased two drinks anyway, and they seemed to be around $5 - $6 (mixed drinks). So it seemed reasonable. But I have heard others that got charged much less. What makes Blue Kay great is the ocean... beautiful clear water and no grass! And there is snorkeling. It isn't the best place you will ever snorkel, but if you swim around, there is plenty to see. We even saw a lion fish there. And when I went under the bridge to the other side, there were thousands (not an exageration) of small gray fish... literally there was a HUGE wall of them. I am not sure if they are there always, but it was really cool. I swam into them and let them surround me. You can definitely snorkel from the beach with your son. As I said, our's is 7, and he had no issues. The beach is amazing too. My son spent a good time playing there and building castles. (We brought our own small sand set. I do not believe they have anything, but we didn't ask.) There is no grass (to reiterate). For the small taxi fare and the short ride, it is completely worth it. To get back, you just have to walk down the way a bit to the taxi stand.
  13. Forgive me for being an RC newbie... On another cruise line (to remain nameless), you can book specialty dining reservations at about three months out on their website. Does RC allow that also? Also, if you make a reservation for the first night (assuming it's allowed), and you purchase one of the "first night done right" (might be misquoting the name) deals, can you use it for the reservation previously made? Also, where do you go for the FNDR purchase? Thanks in advance!
  14. My husband and I generally do not do fancy, but I bring one outfit for the specialty restaurants and/or main dining room. I'll pack a skirt and top, which don't need ironing, and a thin pair of sandals.... Takes up minimal extra space in the luggage. I personally could care less if anyone notices I am in the same clothes...