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  1. So excited to continue with you on your journey! We are in 7708 in two weeks, which is exactly the same but a mirror image. 🙂
  2. I am looking for feedback on The Key on the LOS from those who have already purchased it and cruised. (I am not looking for personal opinions about the program itself.) I saw initial reviews that indicated the LOS staff was not prepared, but that was after the first week the program was active. With a little over a month now, I would like to see what the feedback is (more recently). A specific question relates to priority port departure. Our terms indicate that is included and is not specific to tendering. Is that the case? TIA
  3. I hope your travels are safe! I'm looking forward to following along because we leave on the LOS on the 20th. Have a wonderful trip!!
  4. Yea! So excited for another one of your reviews. I have been missing the entire bunch! It's like getting a late Christmas present!! Congrats on getting through those final classes! That's a huge accomplishment for anyone but especially with as busy as you are. And Sakari is getting more and more beautiful! It's been so amazing to watch her grow up over the years of your reviews. 🙂
  5. Random thought... This is our sixth cruise but first on RC. We have been on two other cruise lines (will remain unnamed but they are very popular). While I am not excited about RC's website, which seems to have issues frequently, I just wanted to point out that I love how RC offers pre-cruise sales. I have not experienced this with the other cruise lines, and I think it is genius! (But the others may have changed since we sailed.) We purchased both the deluxe drink package and 3 night dining package, which we had no intentions of purchasing originally because they dropped so much in price. (We purchased for $45 and $60 respectively.) Way to go RC! (Done with my two cents!!)
  6. You can cancel and rebook. The original booking will process as a refund to your card, so it may not show up the same day the new charge goes through. The lowest I have heard of is $42 US per day. I booked at $45 US and am waiting/hoping for it to drop still; however, I sail in about 40 days... probably slim change. I think the "from" reference is because you can add Voom also, which brings up the cost.
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