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  1. So normally I would pick the Jade, and a lot of comments here mention the Great Outdoors being the biggest selling point of the Jade over the Star. After the past refurbishment though, I think I would choose the Star for the Spice H20 area. It’s like the Great Outdoors but amplified with better seating/couches and 2 hot tubs overlooking the aft. For us, hardly ever crowded, and a great place to enjoy sail-away. The Star also has a fantastic forward facing hot tub as well. I know its not always about outdoor space, but for us the Star did a nice job with spaces to relax and enjoy the “Grea
  2. We have been on the sun in a triple, but viewed a quad balcony..... you are correct there would be 2 on the double pullout couch. I really cannot imagine how this would work without a tight family of four... but hey good luck to you!
  3. Easy... Just do it. One of our best vacations. If you have never been to Hawaii this is a fantastic way to see all 4 of the islands. Each have their own charm and will allow you to come back and really know where you want to invest a week or 2. The food/service is all standard cruise ship food, but honestly you are there for Hawaii. I could easily argue its the best way to see Hawaii for the first time.
  4. I’m not sure what you are so frustrated about by these posters. Everyone has been relatively polite. Most shows stay the same on the ships for a period of time. We watched Blue Man Group 3 times and enjoyed it each time. But there is so much do see and do on the ship it shouldn’t be a problem. Honestly will free up some evenings making you feel more relaxed. We use to attend all the shows, now we see maybe 2-3 bc we just enjoy the other activities the ship has to offer. And do not feel “Gypped” by NCL, some cruise lines have the same shows on a variety of ships. Imagine how
  5. Thanks so much for your review! We were looking at this itinerary ourselves and love how you capture the trip!
  6. Great Questions! 1. Quite possibly you may need to wear pants. With that being said, we wore shorts every day of our trip in Greece. (Pants in Venice, but it was in the 60’s). When we were in Rhodes, we had to cover our shoulders and legs to enter a certain Greek Orthodox Church, but they gave you the appropriate thing to wear at the entrance of the church! 2. H20 is complimentary. Depending on where you are coming from, just head to the aft of the ship. This is also a great place to eat in the mornings as there was rarely anyone back here before 11 am.
  7. I am unsure of the exact dock, but it is the main cruise ship terminal in Venice. The people mover will take you to the dock, where you can then easily make your way to the Star (you cant miss her).
  8. I think a 10:40 flight is absolutely doable. We were in the airport by 8:30, and that will give you at least 2 hours to get to your gate. I have read all these horror stories of the Venice airport, but out experience was extremely pleasant. With that being said, you were only able to book NCL’s transportation if your flight was after 11. I also am the type of person who shows up at the airport 45 minutes before the door shuts (pre-check), so feel very comfortable cutting it close. Just wanted to put that frame of reference there!
  9. This puts NCL’s Speciality’s similar to Celebrity’s prices, and if this is the case I really wish NCL would follow up with more innovative dishes and meals. If I am going to pay 60+ for an entree, appetizer and desert, give me Celebrity where I can pay the same price and get whatever I would like instead. Just another way NCL is thinking too highly of themselves
  10. Final Day and summary: I know its for most the last day of vacation, but if you can, watching the sail-in for venice is special. We got up around 530 to watch us traverse the canals... only a few hours before MSC would crash into the riverboat! We had an 11:15 flight back to the US, and since we had read horror stories about getting to the airport on time, we bought NCL transportation for 20 pp and did self disembarkation. This process really couldn’t have been easier. We walked off at 7:50, and were escorted on the bus at 8. Once it filled up we were off to the air
  11. Yes they will take Euros. Better yet they will also take credit cards. We never needed to change currency which was a blessing. Especially after our last ATM experience.
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