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  1. We booked the Feb 3rd Jade cruise to the Caribbean over a year ago and got a fantastic deal. Now, it's not looking so great, especially if we end up canceling. We're now considering an all-inclusive or a VRBO someplace warm. I know the cancellation deadline was pushed out to 60 days before the cruise date, but we find ourselves in a situation where if we don't schedule something now, there will be slim pickings going forward. Decisions, decisions...
  2. Just saw this article which lists virus testing requirements for entering several Caribbean countries. They all require proof of a negative test performed anywhere from three days to a week prior to entering the country. How does this affect cruise ship passengers who may be on a 12 day cruise stopping in several Caribbean countries? It would be impossible to have the required tests performed within the stated timeframes unless you were able to get tested on the ship. We have a 12 day Caribbean cruise scheduled for next February. Thoughts? https://www.usatod
  3. In March, when it became apparent that our cruise would be canceled by NCL, we requested a refund of prepaid gratuities for Beverage and Dining packages for our May 3rd cruise. I was told that $526 would be credited to our credit card "in 7 to 9 business days". It has now been two months and still no refund. On April 13, after NCL officially canceled the cruise, we submitted the form on NCL's website for a full refund of the remaining balance. We received an email confirming the request, saying it would take up to 90 days to process the refund. Just for fun, I logged into my credit
  4. It worked the first time for me. Now the fun continues with even more waiting...and waiting...and...
  5. According to the form, one person can request a refund for everyone on the reservation. Refund will go to the original form of payment. Suspended Sailings – Refund Request This form can only be used if you are requesting a refund for all individuals on a reservation. Partial refunds are not allowed. Please note that by completing this form, you relinquish the following: Future Cruise Credits equal to the amount paid applied to your reservation Bonus Future Cruise Credits 20% off future cruise fares Please allow 90 days for us to process y
  6. We had scheduled their "Pirates" tour for our May 3rd Mediterranean cruise. Obviously, the cruise has been canceled, and so has the tour. I wanted to come on here and say this company was awesome in handling the cancelation. The owner was very personable and cheerful, even though he knew he was losing business and refunding money. I received a refund the very next day. I did have to create a PayPal account, but that was easy. I can definitely say if we ever return to Lisbon, this is the first company we'll call.
  7. I am positive. I'm positive NCL wants to hold onto our money for as long as they can.
  8. On March 8th I called NCL to cancel the Beverage and Dining packages for our May 3rd cruise and to request refunds of the gratuities. I was told that the refund would take 7 to 10 business days to be be applied back to my credit card. As of yesterday, it has been 15 business days and still no refund. I called NCL and asked if this had even been processed. The Customer Service guy said, "Yes, it was processed March 8th but it is still pending." Now, I realize that they are processing lots of refund requests, but seriously...still pending??
  9. On March 8th I called NCL to cancel the Beverage and Dining packages for our May 3rd cruise and to request refunds of the gratuities. I was told that the refund would take 7 to 10 business days to be be applied back to my credit card. As of today, it has been 15 business days and still no refund.
  10. Just wondering...what was your dispute based on that would prompt the credit card company to suddenly get you a refund? Do you just call them and say NCL is bad and I want my money back? In my case, our cruise was charged on my NCL credit card, so somehow I doubt they will accommodate my request.
  11. Good to know. I didn't know if there was a legal requirement to refund vs. FCC. Sounds like there is.
  12. The prevailing opinion on these boards is to wait until your cruise is canceled by NCL, rather than canceling yourself. The thought is they would then need to issue a full refund. However, Is there anything written anywhere that says a cruise line is compelled to give full refunds in the event they cancel their own cruise? Or are they free to implement whatever policy is in their best interest? (i.e. Future Cruise Credits)
  13. On March 8th I called NCL and canceled the Specialty Dining and Beverage Package gratuities. I was told the refund would appear on my credit card in 7-10 business days. That would mean the last day for the refund would have been yesterday. I checked...no refund. Of course, I charged this cruise on my NCL card, so disputing the charge could be an adventure.
  14. I don't know about the person who insists cruises aren't international travel, but I would classify my May 3 Mediterranean cruise to be INTERNATIONAL. Maybe I'm just an idiot. Plus, American Airlines is in the process of canceling our INTERNATIONAL flights, so even if this poster doesn't consider a Mediterranean cruise to be INTERNATIONAL, we will have no way to get to the cruise ship. Or no way to get back home...from an INTERNATIONAL airport on an INTERNATIONAL flight.
  15. Thanks again. As luck would have it, this post is my 1000th post on Cruise Critic and I figured the least I could do was dedicate it to you. 👍
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