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  1. The song "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" comes to mind...
  2. Nope. We're on the May 3rd Escape cruise and it's no longer going to Barcelona.
  3. The only issue with the train to Barcelona is the fact that potentially 4,000 people may have the same idea...so getting a train may not be easy. Also, if there are other ships in port, that compounds the issue. Hoping NCL adds an excursion to Barcelona. That eliminates the worry of getting back to the ship in time. It would also give us a chance to use the $50 excursion credit.
  4. Nothing worse than a sad crab cake. It's happy crab cakes for me, or none at all...
  5. We are also booked on this cruise. Huge disappointment, since Barcelona was one of the highlights. As for canceling and finding another cruise, it's a lot of hassle to cancel and reschedule. Plus, we already got the 20% Latitudes discount for this cruise and would not get it if we now schedule something else. Plus, we love the Italy stops, as well as Lisbon and Nice. So we'll probably just bite the bullet...but not happy about it.
  6. Escape beer? Who would want to escape beer?? 😁
  7. It says the flight time from Amsterdam to Detroit is 2 hours and 40 minutes. That must be one fast plane...
  8. Must be an old screen shot. I heard Food Republic is now included in the SDP, even though the fine print below the chart says it isn't.
  9. Every time I've booked a cruise I've had to immediately pay the deposit. Was the PCC generous enough to pay the deposit for you? Seems like the least he could do...
  10. We had a balcony cabin on deck 10 on the Bliss. No issues with obstructions, since the lifeboats are on deck 8. Mini suites and balcony cabins are essentially the same, in the main area. The difference is in the bathroom where minisuites have two sinks and larger showers.
  11. Yes, this is not a rumor. I went into the NCL website yesterday just to see what the current prices are for our May, 2020 Mediterranean cruise. A banner popped up saying as a Latitudes Member, I can get a 20% discount. I emailed our TA and she just called back to verify that we now have the 20% discount, even though we booked a few weeks ago. This saves us about $1,000...an early Christmas present. I believe the promotion goes until July 31st...so don't dawdle.
  12. Neither the burgers, nor the pizza, is anything to write home about in any NCL venue. Having said that, if you can get the pizza in the buffet seconds after they bring it out, it's passable.
  13. Our group of six purchased NCL transfers from the port in LA to LAX. We disembarked, walked out to where the transfer buses were and walked right on. Nobody even asked for names, or any other proof that we had paid for the transfers...which seemed rather odd.
  14. We were on the Bliss in April and will be on the Escape next May. On paper they seem to be about the same, except the Bliss has the Observation Lounge, which is a big plus. Spent a lot of time in there...just wish they could have regulated the temps in there. I left my parka at home but it would have come in handy...
  15. When we saw an angled balcony on deck 11 we jumped at it and haven't looked back.
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