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  1. Not sure what all the discussion about key cards has to do with my original question about luggage tags... Maybe it's like the old game where you whisper something into someone's ear, and when it gets to the end of the line it's something entirely different.
  2. Wow...I just learned more about the luggage tag process than I ever thought possible. Thanks, everyone. Of course, since we have the UBP, I might need to staple a luggage tag to my forehead so I can be directed to my cabin.
  3. March 30th will be our first NCL cruise and we just printed our docs and luggage tags. So far, so good. But the tags say "staple here"...meaning we'd have to carry a stapler with us, since you don't want to put the tags on before going to the airport. I suppose a glue stick would work, but who takes a glue stick with them on vacation? Besides, I might mix up the glue stick with my Chap Stick. While my wife would appreciate having my mouth glued shut for two weeks, we did get the UBP and it would be a horrible waste if I couldn't imbibe. Thoughts? Also, in researching "luggage tags" on the NCL board, I see several people saying they had luggage tags mailed to them. Is this really a thing?
  4. When doing the NCL airport transfer, do you have to sign up before your cruise, or can you sign up onboard? This would be something good to use OBC for...to use after the cruise to LAX.
  5. schmoopie17

    Bliss / Live / Solo - March 2-9, 2019 ​

    Hey, don't drink all the beer on the ship! We're on the Bliss Panama Canal cruise March 30th and it would be disappointing to find the kegs all drained...especially since the six of us are beer snobs and we all have the UBP.
  6. schmoopie17

    Random Bliss Stuff - We'll Call This a Review

    Floppy pizza = crappy pizza Floppy bacon = crappier bacon
  7. schmoopie17

    Bliss 1/19-1/26 Thoughts/Comments On Bliss

    Do you need reservations for these shows...or just show up and fight for a seat?
  8. schmoopie17

    "Free specialty dining" offer

    However, it depends when you book your cruise. We booked our March, 2019 cruise back in July so we only get four Specialty dinners. I believe they changed the policy November-ish going forward.
  9. schmoopie17

    O'Sheehan's food quality?

    Since there is no O'Sheehan's on the Bliss, it sounds like the Local is the O'Sheehan's substitute. True?
  10. schmoopie17

    First NCL cruise will be my last NCL cruise - Bliss

    Not going on a Go Cart will ruin the cruise? Seriously?? Try this on for size. We booked a Bliss cruise for March. One of the highlights of this cruise was the fact that we were going to Puerto Vallarta. However, after final payment NCL informs us that the itinerary has been changed from Puerto Vallarta to Acapulco. Not only did this require us to cancel excursions in Puerto Vallarta (there are six of us traveling together, so multiple cancelations)...but we are now going to the city rated third in the world in murders. But I can see how Go Carts are more important...
  11. schmoopie17

    Jersey Boys show on Bliss - Language warning

    Speaking of adult language, can you say beavers on this board? Asking for a friend...
  12. schmoopie17

    Jersey Boys show on Bliss - Language warning

    As someone who grew up listening to the Four Seasons, I would think most kids nowadays would be more offended by the "old peoples' music" than the language.
  13. schmoopie17

    Automatic gratuities guidelines

    Risking life and limb by jumping in here... Service charges and gratuities are two separate animals. When I order a ticket to a ball game from Ticketmaster, I am assessed a service charge by the company for the service the company provides. I doubt that any portion of the service charge is given to the bot that processed my order.
  14. schmoopie17

    Crab Feast - Ketchikan?

    I see on their website that the stand-alone price of the crab feast is $69. Does that include any transportation there and back? Or do you walk off all that crab on a 20 mile hike back to the ship?
  15. schmoopie17

    Boarding in Vancouver

    I was wondering the same thing. Then I remembered that wonderful invention known as the internet. Click the link and scroll down to your desired month. https://www.portvancouver.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Draft-2018-Schedule-February-28-2018-1.pdf