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  1. Thanks for all the input! FYI, we decided to do the Prague extension for several reasons. We will get to spend a little time in Budapest at the end of our cruise but Prague is not part of our cruise at the beginning so a pre-extension in Prague will allow us to see both. (We don’t have time to do a pre and post extension). Seeing Prague’s amazing history and architecture that were not destroyed in the war like so much of Budapest is very appealing. It’s nice to have a couple of days pre-cruise somewhere to recover from long flights so since we would have arrived early anyway, we decided to take advantage of Prague and esp. the ease of a Viking transfer. Getting ourselves off a plane in Munich exhausted and making our own way to Passau a day before the cruise to the ship seemed daunting as did flying into Prague and independently getting down to Passau (abt 3 hours). Whereas now we fly into Prague, get picked up by Viking and voila we are at the hotel. After the cruise, Viking takes us the short distance to the Budapest airport. Thanks again for your ideas.
  2. We are 2 seniors (65+) booked on Viking for the Danube Waltz in May. Trying to decide on a pre-extension trip to Prague or post-extension to Budapest. Suggestions? Preferences? Any input would be helpful.
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