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  1. We are business class on the October 2021 Lisbon to Barcelona, and have had those flights for quite a while now, I haven’t looked at booking our seats though, I’d have thought in business class they would put couples together automatically. We are in business again next April, Venice to Rome, and there’s nothing up yet for that. We paid in full when booking for a discount.
  2. Thanks for that, we have our flights for October to Lisbon, if it happens. I think it’s more likely that the April one will go ahead. Fingers crossed.
  3. Thankyou for your response, I understand about the schedules not being out yet, but I thought we’d got our October 2021 flights about 11 months before.
  4. Mines fine, no problems.
  5. We have two SS cruises booked, one in October which the flights have been added to, and another next April which haven’t had the flights added, when can I expect to see these?
  6. Thankyou for your reply Stumblefoot, we will sit and wait and see what happens. I think if there’s something we definitely want to see then we should book it in advance, that way we won’t be disappointed at not getting on them. I understand the reasoning for not letting passengers off the ship unaccompanied, but we do like to wander on our own in some places.
  7. I have read somewhere that passengers will not be allowed off the ship unless on an organised excursion, and that they are offering one free in each port. We are sailing on Spirit 20th October and it is now showing excursions but only the normal paid for ones. Does anyone have any further knowledge of these? Thankyou
  8. Will look at booking prior to cruise then. We have only sailed Silversea once before and we booked trips pre cruise, but couldn’t remember when the money was taken. thankyou.
  9. Hi Skleeb, we have the same amount...yeaaa. I was under the impression that excursions booked with on board credit could only be done on board, and not pre cruise. Perhaps someone can confirm this.
  10. We are on Spirit in October from Lisbon to Barcelona, fingers crossed it will still go ahead.
  11. We’ve only sailed once before with Silversea, and I thought we found out off the website who our speaker was before we sailed. I know the times we have sailed on Seabourn we have known before, and on Cunard if I remember rightly.
  12. Is there somewhere to find who the guest speakers are on each ship? I realise this might be difficult to announce with not knowing when sailing begins again, but in the past I thought I’d seen a list. We are on Spirit (fingers crossed) in October.
  13. It’s now changed to a calendar now. We had paid everything in full at time of booking.
  14. Thankyou RampantSnail, love the name by the way. I’m pretty sure you are right, just wondered if it was normal, as I haven’t noticed it before.
  15. The one with the question mark was placed last Friday, I’ve just spoken to my travel agent and she assured me it was okay and it was just their system catching up. If it’s still the same in another week she will look into it. Thankyou for your responses.
  16. No I haven’t as yet, can’t remember seeing it before.
  17. We have two cruises currently booked on Spirit and Moon in October 2021 and April 2022. When I go into My Booking the status for this October has a calendar, but the one in April 2022 has a question mark. Can anyone explain the ? mark. We also have one past cruise with a tick against it, obviously because this has happened. I don’t understand why two fixture cruises would have different symbols under status. Thankyou.
  18. We found it pretty much like a normal cruise. We had our temperatures taken as we went off the ship in Guadaloupe, but that was the only place. What we found interesting was the lack of anything at the airports, we expected temperatures to be taken, sanitizersanitizers all over the place, but none. No one on the ship in masks, and an odd few at the airports.
  19. We have just returned off Odyssey and whilst there were no problems, the number of people not using the sanitizers was quite worrying. Not just forgetting to use them, but deliberately bypassing them and seeing other people using them.
  20. 17days out and got a V6 on deck 7, happy enough with that.
  21. Think I'm going to have to give it a proper try. Enjoy your cruise.
  22. Ours came by courier so had to be signed for, but I doubt very much they could have got it in the mailbox. Not sure of the need for the "iPad" cover, or have I got that use completely wrong?
  23. Came home yesterday to a note saying parcel courier service had tried to deliver, it arrived again today, it would certainly not have fit in the mail box with all its packaging. It is sized to fit an iPad, with a cloth bag to keep it in. Two and half weeks prior to flying out. Getting excited.
  24. Many thanks for all these updates on your cruise, Ive looked forward to reading them every morning. Long may you cruise Seabourn and post comments on here. 👍👏
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