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  1. We've had 621 in the past on an OB and were very happy with it. To be honest all suites are fine, I'm just being impatient.
  2. We are just less than 5 weeks out from our cruise, and to say I am getting itchy feet is an understatement. Is it only me, but I can't stop looking? I know I won't get to know for a few weeks yet but that doesn't stop me looking. The cruise mustn't be full or I would have thought we'd have been our suite assigned.
  3. Just going to have to wait and see I think.
  4. Emdee, that's the sort of thing we got ours in late 2018, wouldn't have dropped into our mail box. Hey ho we shall have to wait and see.
  5. Thanks Mauzac. In 2018 when we last sailed with them, we got what looked like an iPad carrier, don't think that would have fitted through our mail box lid. Before we have had those leather wallet things which have come in a slim box, that would have fit in easily. We shall wait and see what arrives.
  6. We have always booked through a travel agent and collected our flight tickets, boarding documents about 3 week before sailing. This time, as we were part of Thomas Cooks bookings we are now directly under Seabourn. When can we expect out "package" to be delivered, and does it come with the normal mail, or by a private courier? I don't want to be hanging about for it, but obviously don't want to miss it either.
  7. Couldn't find it under the ship name, found it under the theme!!!
  8. Found it. Professor Adrian Kerr, Caribbean History and Culture.
  9. We are sailing on Odyssey 29th Feb 2020, I have looked on their site for the guest speaker, but cannot find anyone for that date. Has anyone any prior knowledge as to who the speaker may be?
  10. We are staying at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion, hopefully a 12.30 pick up will get us there for lunch and a glass or two of something sparkling.
  11. That's great, Thankyou for your response. Can't wait. 🍾🍾
  12. We are sailing from Barbados to St Martin. We are staying overnight in a hotel booked through Seabourn with transfers. Has anyone experience of this, and at what time can we expect to be collected and dropped off at the ship? Would love to arrive in time for lunch on the back of the Colonnade.
  13. The first cruise we did we booked an OB, but think it was called something else then, anyway we got a penthouse suite 1023, since then we have always been given between 617-623. Penthouse was fantastic, but so were these others.
  14. Thank you for the responses, we shall just have to take it as it comes, no doubt we shall enjoy.
  15. Thank you, I think you have all answered my questions.
  16. Thank you for the response, I think we will give the terrace a try.
  17. Fletch, Thankyou for your response. I found a link on here which took me to the Aquavit terrace, it would appear they have now started serving evening meals there as well. We have done sea cruising, but only one river cruise before, which was as I said Emerald. The rush to the dining room for the evening meal was not enjoyable, and the open seating was a bit of a joke with people grabbing whole tables and reserving them. I am sure we will enjoy our cruise never the less.
  18. This is our first time on Viking, only river cruised once before on Emerald. We are sailing on the Danube soon and have a couple or three plus questions re the Aquavit terrace for dinner. Does it get cool, so should I pack a wrap? Also, we prefer to dine as a couple, is this available there? And, is the food the same as the main dining room or a smaller menu? Does it get busy, will there be the mass stampede that the dining room gets on Emerald? I know it's a bombardment of questions and Thankyou for any answers or tips.
  19. We have watched one couple with three sets of two sunbeds saved, they just moved from one to another depending on whether they were in the sun, in the shade or by the pool. They left belongings on each for most of the afternoon and were never challenged, even though there were few spare.
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