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  1. Hey, yourself, Dan! :) Thank you for the kind words. The trip was out of this world! I'm slowly uploading pics with my dial up connection. I'll probably resurrect Golfette's "Bon Voyage" thread to me tomorrow with links for pics and review.
  2. Hi there! Ireland was like a DREAM! I'm in the process of uploading photos.... my journal is almost finished. By tomorrow afternoon, or Friday (hopefully), I'll dig up my Golfette's "Bon Voyage" thread to me and post links from there. It was fabulous, Birder22. :)
  3. WHOOPS! (There's another snorkel puppy out there!) So tell me about Martinique some twenty years ago! (Only kidding, baby...sorry) :)
  4. Hi ScubaDoggy! PLEASE.... get your arse over to the Martinique forum and tell me about your visit! Thanks, kiddo! :)
  5. That's wonderful news, as my husband is a beer drinker. I'll be crossing my fingers. Hey RebelJohn: We use one of those for our wine/bubbly and Port, too! Perfect to load up with souvenirs after all the bottles are killed! ;)
  6. I'm with 'ya, baby. :) We're trend-setters. ;)
  7. Precisely, my friend. Some will be dressed up, then whine about the others who didn't dress to their code. :rolleyes: "Waaaaaaa........ " I wish them ROTSA RUCK on a full charter. *grinning* I agree with your suggestion to try Cunard. Which IS NOT a mainstream cruise line. ;)
  8. Hi there! We lived in Slidell for a few years, and moved up here to Pearl River County....in between Poplarville and Bogalusa, LA. Wonderful location! (I'll have lived down here for 25 years this summer...love it!) Where abouts are you? :)
  9. Thank you, my love! :) Turned the big 48 today. Got breakfast in bed, having a steak and monster baked potato for dinner. And yeah.... already started a little celebrating. *hiccup* :D
  10. Hey, Del! :) I trust that all is well (better than the last time we "spoke") with you two. :( I sure wish you would have posted this as a poll, but beggars can't be choosers. I'd RUN, RUN, RUN far away from Holland America if they became All Formal All of the Time. What do you guys have planned in the future? Anything fun? *she asks hopefully* ;)
  11. Hi there! Dom and I just booked the Eurodam Inaugural Voyage, July 5th. Kindly add us onto the list. Thanks, baby! :D "Nanette and Dominic"
  12. Are you certain about the Crow's Nest on the Noordam? On the Volendam and the Amsterdam, they had a couple tables with ashtrays, as well as the back half of the bar itself.
  13. I sure wouldn't consider that "promotion". I think it's more of a warning for folks who might not feel comfortable up there for a variety of reasons. ;)
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