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  1. Sure fella, I don't believe that for a second. If so they'd be charging everyone for every towel instead of losing $$ from their small paychecks. As far as losing your towels, just don't use them to hold your chairs. I'm going to "collect" as many towels as possible throughout my next cruise and bring them home. It uber sux when all the good chairs are taken by a towel, and the person is nowhere to be found. Solution, take the towel.
  2. Website http://lowcarber.org Forums http://forum.lowcarber.org That forum has been around forever and has been a great resource for me. Hopefully it will help others! My username is the same there. Good luck!
  3. You can get on the bow of the ship, and you can hang out there (probably) if you don't act like your lost or start taking pictures. We went out there on the Miracle, but there were some officers up on the captains deck thing waving for us to leave :( It's the "crew deck" up there and you'll probably see crew members on their off time. They even have a hot tub! :) On the Miracle, it's by Wizards. Here is Wizards door with my dad in the doorway, but the door to the left is the crew door. http://medalian1.com/cruise/May2005_133.jpg This is the crew door. http://medalian1.com/cruise/May2005_132.jpg And if you go through that crew only door you see http://medalian1.com/cruise/May2005_131.jpg It's cool just to see the bow, since most people don't get to.
  4. 1.71 pounds a day ... 7 day cruise and I gained 12 pounds. So I consumed approx 9,000 calories a day (6000 over normal to gain weight). The food was great, but it wasn't worth the weight gain. I'm still 7lbs above my normal weight 3 1/2 weeks after my cruise. I used the gym 4x too!
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