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  1. offers are not always the same for all card holders-I don't have the Carnival one yet, but got the Celebrity and used the RCL already. Keep in mind that they will only display up to 100 available offers. As you add offers to your card, more will show
  2. Is there any limit on the shareholder OBC? Far fetched scenario, but after I retire if I go on a cruise a month, would they cut me off?😃
  3. Applying OBC (or just taking a marker charged to cabin-basically the same thing) to a table has a 3% fee, no fee on slot machine
  4. John Heald has mentioned that the OBC for cancelled/rebooked cruises is not going to be able to be used for gift cards or cashed out in the casino. What I have not seen mentioned, is donating any leftover to St Jude. I know I won't have this problem if we end up going on our cruise in May-wife has promised to buy some jewelry if we have any left.
  5. thanks, I just ordered the 12 pack from the link above. Looks like they will come in handy for other stuff as well.
  6. They look like they will open and close like a ziplock bag-is that correct?
  7. Maybe, but the impression I get from your posts is that it is more due to the way you ask (politely)-and not demanding. It never ceases to amaze me the people that simply don't get that..
  8. Who paid for the original cruise? Follow the money-whoever paid for the cancelled cruise (I'm pretty sure) would then get the OBC on their rescheduled cruise
  9. the point is that Carnival could and should have taken steps that would greatly reduce the chances of passengers being exposed- For me, the most egregious thing Carnival is doing is not eliminating the self service buffet and as reported not allowing space between seated parties while dining
  10. I believe OP (and husband) is not concerned with the trip cancellation part and most people shouldn't be. The important part is the medical coverage in case of injury or illness when out of the US-your regular health insurance will not likely cover this, especially if you need (want) to get back to the US mainland for treatment. The insurance purchased through the cruise line is not really enough (for my next cruise $10,000), so I will be looking to get a direct policy. In fact, here in NY, the Sate insurance regulator now longer allows the sale of some of the cruise line's policies to be sold to us and are recommending higher level coverage (including cancel for any reason) from authorized insurance carriers.
  11. I'm going to be in one of the Havana suites (not the corner) next year and I know we are above the rear of the stage. I'm not too concerned. From the dailies it looks like the louder shows would be over before 10:30PM
  12. My sincere apologies- I 100% did not have any intentions of slighting them. I really don't know how appropriate it is to to name names here
  13. my bad, I saw somewhere it was two laps (one ride) also back to Emerils, per a video posted on you tube-this couple had two apps, two entries and dessert, bill was $37 They also had a couple of Abita beers and a soda, no mention of the cost, but I would think the $37 did not include the drinks (also no mention if they are covered by Cheers or if the couple has Cheers)
  14. I would do the photo with no glasses anyway-in case they get lost you can take the glasses off for facial recognition software
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