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  1. I used to go to Captain Albert’s blog to find out who our captain was going to be. That information is not current and I don’t know if he’s doing it anymore. Specifically I would like to know for the Eurodam Sept 12-Oct 6 but I’m sure others would like to know how to find out as well. Thanks!
  2. We are on the cruise with you. We talked to both HAL and Costco last week. They both said HAL is working on it but at that time there was nothing official. It’s a wait and see game.
  3. When we booked a few weeks ago it was very plain on their website that everyone was required to be vaccinated and therefore children were not going to be allowed, nor was anyone who would refuse vaccination for medical or religious reasons. We sail from Venice. This has to be disappointing for you.
  4. Yes, I checked in with a computer. Much easier in my opinion.
  5. This is exactly what our cruise contract states that we just received for our upcoming September Adriatic cruise.
  6. They are probably referring to the 40’’ private boat that ran up on the rocks. Not a cruise ship unless it’s something different. We saw it on the news.
  7. I wouldn’t bother with Galleria Mall. There’s only a few upper end stores. (Unless that’s the kind of place you shop). In our opinion the only good shopping is the Sawgrass Mills which is not close and won’t work for people unless you have a late flight.
  8. The vaccine or a waiver were required when we cruised on Holland America 4 years ago. We were in line behind someone who had neither. They wouldn’t let them board and so they had to get the vaccine somewhere that day and fly to meet up with the ship. Even though we were in our 60’s the travel dr said there was no reason to not have the vaccine. We did not have any reactions.
  9. If you only do one then the crew would really appreciate it if you left the hsc in place. That money doesn’t just go to the people who serve you in various categories, it goes to all the people behind the scenes who are making your cruise enjoyable. The people you don’t see work just as hard or harder than the ones you do see. The purpose of of this thread was to find out how much people tip, not to discuss whether it’s right or wrong.
  10. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Sorry to hear they spoiled your trip but totally understand your unhappiness. We’ve missed ports before and never gotten compensation other than refunded port taxes. We used to get a glass of champagne when it happened but the last cruise we didn’t even get that for 2 missed ports. Most of us plan cruises based around the ports on the itinerary so it’s a disappointment when there is a change. I actually think it happens fairly often tho. Keep on cruising, even if it’s something different than Holland America.
  11. We always tip the cabin steward and assistant, waiter and assistant and the wine steward extra. It usually averages out to about $20 a week more for each of them but sometimes if we have great service we increase it. Sometimes we give the cabin stewards part at the beginning. All depends on circumstances and levels of service but it's always something extra. We always go on longer cruises. I know some people tip more and some less but all the people we have traveled with give above and beyond what is included on their daily onboard account.
  12. This seems like a huge waste of money to me. At $18 a day it would cost me $738 for soda, water and coffee (which I don’t drink) for our upcoming portion of the Grand South America. And can just one person in the cabin get the package? I’m not sure about what the rules are about that. I can carry on a pack of soda or some water occasionally and be way ahead of the game.
  13. I tried to do a search for this with no luck. Are the walls on the Volendam magnetic? Thanks for the help.
  14. Beds on HAL are the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in anywhere. Between the beds and the motion it makes for a good nights sleep!
  15. We walked quite a bit on sea days on the jogging track on the deck above the pool. No, it wasn’t huge and had to make lots of laps but it worked. No shade, but Azamara had a big jug of ice water with orange slices in it and cups. Helped make up for the heat.
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