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  1. I thank you for the responses. I'm leaning towards a "yes" but have a couple more questions. If it's a "pop up" is it as good as the restaurant with the same name? Also, since it is a pop up, is there a 50% discount for 4*?
  2. Absolutely not true. If I were already convinced I wouldn't be asking the question. If it's worth it I'm doing it. Just want other's opinions. I've never heard anyone on any cruise raving about it so honestly hadn't thought about doing it before.
  3. I've never found that booking directly with HAL is the best deal. For example, when we booked our Voyage of the Viking cruise we got the same price as HAL (it was the private sale price) plus $1,400 OBC from my agent. HAL is never going to give me something like that. The chance for an upsell is probably never coming my way as it might with a PCC but that's o.k. I can live with the cabin I booked.
  4. We are on the Voyage of the Vikings and are wondering if we should book this. I've read some reviews and write-ups about it but I am still ambivalent. I already get a meal in the dining room that's paid for so do I really want to pay extra to experience this meal? Convince me!
  5. For double occupancy there’s a “gold” choice for $3,500 pp or a “silver” choice for $2,499 pp. Both are 3 days 2 nights. By comparison the tour we did flying from Florida for 18 days (we paid a little extra to fly in a day early but that’s included) was $3,300 pp.
  6. We used a tour company that we’ve gone with a couple times before. Not sure I can mention the name here? If you want info you can email me at elmoore76 at yahoo dot com. I think the trip we did would be hard to plan independently. We saw so much all over both countries.
  7. I would really encourage you to do a land trip of Peru and maybe tack on Ecuador. We were just in those two countries for 18 days, arriving on April 7. We had phenomenal weather the whole trip. About 4 hours rain in Ecuador one night but the rest of the trip was sunny and dry. I looked at what Holland America wanted for it's 3 day trip to Machu Picchu and it was more than what we paid for the entire 18 days including air. Machu Picchu is well worth a trip and we were so lucky to have a bright, sunny (and hot) day.
  8. I guess I don’t see the difference between an ocean view guarantee and a guaranteed ocean view. I do know that the category I’ve booked is a full ocean view and they are only supposed to move me upward in categories, if at all. Honestly I would be happy if they left me in the category I booked. I’m not a newbie...have sailed many, many days, have done guarantees before and am pretty sure I know what’s going on. Would rather choose my cabin but not an option at this point of the game.
  9. We recently booked a cruise for next winter and the only cabins left were guarantee. Not my first choice but what can you do? I was assured that since I booked an oceanview guarantee that I would not receive an obstructed view. Perhaps the op booked a guarantee for the obstructed category. If not, I would not be happy with my cabin either. If they did then they got what they paid for. I understand the disappointment though.
  10. Very well said, Hank. It’s inconceivable to me that people travel without insurance but many do.
  11. We are on the Volendam.
  12. Since we travel several times a year an annual plan is the only thing that makes sense to us. Insuring each of our trips separately would cost a lot more in the long run. We have $50,000 medical and $250,000 evac. as well as the other usual inclusions. A pre existing condition is waived as long as a doctor would say you were able to travel on the date the policy was purchased and the trip is 45 days or less in length. It covers us any time we are more than 100 miles from home. Includes a $50,000 death benefit as well. In talking to others when we travel we are always surprised at the number of people that don’t know this is available.
  13. We are on the VOV this summer as well. We decided to book the January Antarctica cruise now rather than wait. This is a popular cruise and didn’t want to take the chance of there being a sell out of the type of cabin we wanted. You are not able to use a future cruise deposit as this is a portion or whole of a World Voyage. There’s is a 3% discount if paid in full by the end of this month. We booked it a couple weeks ago and were able to take advantage of the private sale offer.
  14. We booked a couple of shore excursions with them for our Med/transatlantic trip. One of them was cancelled because the ship had to change itinerary at the last minute. We immediately got our money refunded with no problem. The other one was very good. But of course the excursions are only as good as the local company they use. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
  15. Do you think that the itinerary makes a difference in how much people dress up? For example, less so for Alaska? Our most recent cruise was on the Prinsendam and I would guess that on formal night there were only about 5 men per night without a jacket. One of our tablemates hadn't brought one and felt very out of place. But perhaps that was because it's the Prinsendam?And I'm curious about World Cruises. We have one booked for the future and wonder if people dress up more for those. I'm guessing maybe because those typically might be the more seasoned cruisers....those of us who have been used to dressing up on gala nights for a long time. As with many things in this world, I miss how it used to be!
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