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  1. I’m sure most of you know this but if you have a frig (cooler) that’s in a cabinet be sure to prop the cabinet door open a couple inches. The cooler will get much colder. There’s no way for air to circulate otherwise and the frig gets too hot. It was cool enough to keep my insulin in on the Zuiderdam. I have ordered a frig on other HAL ships that don’t have one and state on my reservation that it’s for meds. Most of the time I get charged but it’s worth it to me to keep my meds in my own possession. (Plus the perk of cold wine and soda)
  2. The tour companies all know if the ship he ship will be late and will be waiting when you arrive. They all keep track of that kind of thing. We have had that happen several times and never had to contact them to let them know.
  3. We hardly ever book tours through HAL. We like smaller groups and usually pay significantly less. We have not sailed Alaska for years so can’t give specific tour advice there. We hardly ever pick up a tour on the dock. I want an established company and want to read the reviews. We’ve never come close to missing the ship. Those operators do not want to be out of business and a few bad reviews is all it would take. We often use Viator. They have a get back to the ship guarantee and usually are cheaper than Costco. They give you the opportunity to communicate directly with the tour compa
  4. My friend was on the same cruise as the OP. She was full of complaints when she returned home and she’s usually a big HAL supporter. She said it may be her last Holland cruise. Sad to see reports like this.
  5. Remember when we used to hide the leftover coupons in the Bible because cruise critic members knew to look for them there? Not sure why....they were pretty much useless.
  6. The address I used was: Orlando Ashford Holland America Line 450 Third Avenue West Seattle, WA 98119 I doubt they reply to the end of the cruise evaluation. My husband and I both gave them low marks in many areas and didn't get a response from that. Who knows who actually looks at the survey. I feel that snail mail is better than email. At least it sits on someone's desk until they deal with it.
  7. What a touching story. I’m so glad you shared it with us. HAL was so generous and gave you memories to last a lifetime.
  8. Do you travel often? We find the Allianz annual policy works best for us.
  9. Charlene and Bill, it was so great to meet you. We are hoping that you are on a future cruise so that you can plan our shore excursions! We didn’t have a bad cruise; just felt there were a lot of things HAL could have done better. I think those that primarily dined in the Lido had a different experience than us. Our waiter and assistant were not good, but how can they be when they were so overworked. We loved the ports and consider ourselves fortunate to have seen so much even tho we felt the onboard experience was lacking. Missing the old HAL I guess. We are looking forwar
  10. About a month ago I posted a letter I had written to Orlando Ashford regarding our experiences on the Voyage of the Vikings. I was asked to post a response if I heard back from HAL. This is the 3 page letter I got in return. If you recall the letter, I did not ask for anything of monetary value. I just wanted to make them aware of things we were happy with and things we were not. I’m not normally a letter writer but it would probably be a good thing if HAL’s head office heard from us more often. Do I expect anything to change? No. But I was impressed that they addressed each of my con
  11. I agree. I can’t remember the last time I actually showed my printed docs. I do print the first 2-3 pages just in case but it’s also in my phone if I need it. We love the luggage tags we bought from the cruise critic store. No need for tape anymore.
  12. Im curious what sort of credit they get? I’m pretty sure the gratuity gets divided between a lot of people so do they get a bonus?
  13. On our last cruise we asked to have our frig emptied and it was. Everything disappeared. I wanted Diet Coke which wasn’t in the frig to begin with. I could leave a note requesting it but because it wasn’t a normal stocked item I had to pay when they brought it, not when I drank it. We had to go thru this scenario each time I wanted more delivered. It wasn’t a big deal, I just had to get used to doing it this way. (And not order more than I was sure I would drink). I did bring some on from the ports occasionally as well.
  14. I thought she said 81 people on that ship. We were discussing bar tips so I don't know if that's separate? You are correct that 81 does not sound like enough for all staff
  15. When we were recently on the Zuiderdam we dined with an officer. I asked her about tipping and how much the employees actually got from the daily tips. She explained that the automatic tips is divided by 81 people (on that ship...probably varies by size of ship). Not only that, but it is divided between all of the ships belonging to HAL. They are now doing it that way to make it fair to those working on certain ship itineraries that may have a lot of cruisers onboard who are coming from countries that don’t believe in tipping. While the amount of tips keeps going up and I don’t believe I
  16. Scubacruiser, where was the picture taken of the Chilean glacier in post 614? Such beautiful pictures.
  17. The dining room is always too chilly for me. I bring a wrap.
  18. On our Voyage of the Vikings this summer it started while many people were still at dinner. It was really a non event. There was a second one later in the cruise and we didn’t even bother to go. Very loud music, crowded, and an excuse to sell drinks. Most people left after the first set. I wouldn’t even bother to pack something orange next time. They tried to sell orange items in the gift shop but hardly anyone bought anything and they were ugly. I’ve been to the white parties on Azamara. They were so much fun. No comparison.
  19. We LOVE Azamara. We have only been on the Quest twice and compare it to the Prinsendam which we loved. We went on the VOV thinking that the service and everything else would be better based on the price. Wrong. The staff on Azamara was so happy and it showed. They way HAL staff used to be. The food was good, it was more laid back, and the officers were very a noticeable part, participating in onboard cooking, mingling with the guests. The wine flowed freely and if wanted a drink at the pool you raised your finger and someone was there immediately. The average age of guests was younger
  20. We flew into Quito in April. Beautiful airport and city. There were a couple protests around then but everything controlled and no worries. We spent two days there and walked several miles in the city. I don’t know if things are worse now as I’ve seen nothing on the news but I would love to go back there. We felt safe everywhere. I hope you can get out and see the city while you are there.
  21. Our check in time was listed as 1:30. We went at 11:30. We had to sit in the waiting room for a bit after checking in but everyone had to wait while they readied the ship. Just go when it’s convenient for you.
  22. On our recent Voyage of the Vikings we had them both in the dining room and the Lido. Sometimes an employee standing watch but not always.
  23. Can someone explain the value of a beverage card? Do people buy them in advance just so when they get on it isn’t part of their final onboard account? Is there something that makes it easier to use onboard rather than using your regular ship card?
  24. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would do Club Orange. I wouldn’t use most of those things and I don’t need an orange card to label me as “special”. My friend was offered it for $10.00 per day on her cruise and she declined.
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