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  1. Sending an appreciative note....what a great idea. I do fill out the comment cards a few times on each voyage and almost always with positive comments about a crew member or division. I know that when I was teaching those nice notes from parents meant so much to me. I like the idea of paying forward and making someone else's day. I never thought about the laundry but I will do that on my upcoming cruise.
  2. Nope, nothing special. If you have the same room booked you just get off in Ft Lauderdale and enjoy. They will give you an “in transit” card so you don’t need to check in again. If you are changing rooms you have to be packed up but they will move your things. You will have 2 separate bills for your two cruises. Enjoy!
  3. Have you tried to reserve fixed seating? I’m not sure how far away your cruise is but if you’re not booking way in advance early fixed may already be waitlisted. In that case you’ll have to see what you can do after you have boarded.
  4. About 3 weeks ago we faxed ours in. Took less than an hour to get an acknowledgement. We did specifically request an email confirmation.
  5. They did show the movie on our ship too plus I read the book before we left. We really enjoyed our day here but as others have said, it requires walking. We were surprised at dinner that night by a dining room that had been decorated to look like a prison and the waiters all wearing prison uniforms. Thanks to HAL for making this special stop one of the most memorable of our cruise. The rest of the trip down the Amazon was equally as impressive.
  6. We've never had a problem bringing another bottle of wine on embarkation of our second cruise. With us we have always been treated as if it were two different cruises. Maybe there are incidences where it is different. It's nice if you have two future cruise deposits because you can get OBC on both cruises.
  7. The Voyage of the Vikings was changed from the Rotterdam to the Zuiderdam. Sorry, I should’ve listed the ship in my original post. Is the captain still Capt Bant or another? Thanks.
  8. What a wonderful, well written review. We are going on the Voyage of the Vikings soon and these are some of the same ports. I learned so much. Your pictures were wonderful and the commentary the best I've ever read. I like the way you kept the review pertinent to the subject. I won't even read a blog or review that includes pictures of all the food people had at breakfast, dinner and lunch. And I don't really care what their cabin looks like or if they sat and listened to a piano player. This was interesting to everyone. Even my husband read every word and he never reads stuff on cruis
  9. Now that we are getting closer to our July 30 Voyage of the Vikings I wondered if you knew who the hotel director and CD will be? Thanks for all you do for us.
  10. Thank you for your well written review. I do have to agree with everything you have said. HAL is definitely middle of the road in our opinion and has declined in recent years. I’ve never sailed on MSC or Oceania but have sailed on Carnival, Royal, Celebrity, NCL and Azamara. Except for our cruises on the Prinsendam, HAL was lacking in many areas. My husband hates the coffee, we don’t like the entertainment and the only dining we like is fixed dining where you know you’ll be waited on the same every night. Lunch and breakfast are almost painful. I suspect that due to cost issues many lin
  11. We are booked for half of a Grand Voyage next January to Antarctica on the Volendam. We've been on several long cruises with HAL but never a World or Grand Voyage. Will we notice a difference? Are there more special events? Special menus? Are there any specialties that would be offered to those on the full cruise rather than the 41 day portion that we are on? I'm guessing we wouldn't be treated differently while onboard. Other than not being able to use a FCD I'm wondering what differences we will see. Thanks for your help!
  12. We faxed it in and had asked to have a confirmation email sent. We had it within an hour.
  13. Our longest has been 49 days but I could've stayed on longer. I think it's all in the mindset. Just get on looking forward to 60+ days of enjoyment. We have lots of friends that ask how we could ever do it but it goes so fast. Of course as you know with the 30+ day cruises you can't eat like it's a 7 day cruise! That was the hardest thing for us but after awhile food just doesn't even look so good anymore. Relax, take it the shows, find things onboard to do and get off at every opportunity. You will love it!
  14. We always get local currencies when we get where we are going. We call our bank ahead of time and make a trip list and then use our debit card. Very easy. Better rates if you don’t use the atm at the airport. We usually do it in a town.
  15. We are on the Voyage of the Vikings and are wondering if we should book this. I've read some reviews and write-ups about it but I am still ambivalent. I already get a meal in the dining room that's paid for so do I really want to pay extra to experience this meal? Convince me!
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