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  1. Hey Everyone, My cruise planner has a 10 print, 20 prints or 100 prints/digital ($134.99). If I pick the 100 pictures will they let me take physical prints home? When I search photo packages I only see people getting digital prints. We've had problems with digital prints and watermarks in the past, so I would prefer actual physical prints I can take home. Thanks for any input.
  2. Thanks! Honestly I'm more worried about our border not opening up when cruising resumes (I'm a fellow Canadian - Hamilton). My mother got her first dose last week, along with my grandmother so hopefully we are slowly making progress on that front. My family has a cruise booked for August but I'm on the fence if that will even sail at this point. The next few months will be interesting. As I work in law this whole scenario interests me. Technically a private company can do whatever they want and if they want only vaccinated people that's their choice. It'll be interesting to se
  3. I Oh boy! I wasn't talking about my "rights"... Just asking a question as currently both my children are under 13... Though if allowed I'd make sure they were one of the first in line as my husband is immune compromised.
  4. This may have been asked but we are at 54 pages... LOL Currently children under 16 can't get the vaccine. Do you think children will be barred from cruises for the foreseeable future until that either changes or we have "herd immunity" (if that ever happens).
  5. Kids sail free deal is only good if you have 2 kids in your room. If you only have 1 you will not save any money because they up the price of the first 2 passengers. Last cruise we had kids sail free. It great for me (2 kids) and I saved about $300, but my brother who only had 1 child in his room would have ended up paying more if they switched to that sale.
  6. You're using different terminology but we are talking about the same things. Dimmer/brighter to me is referring to the same thing I am - darker/lighter shading or tinting. Different words (but in my view) same meaning. I am using my husbands words as he is the colour blind person I am quoting. He refers to the windows as tinted and when one is opened up the tinting is doubled which makes it look darker to him and is the reason it is very obvious.
  7. Your sunglasses comment is EXACTLY how my colour blind husband explained it. We are taking about tinting/shades, not actual different colours.
  8. This video is even more upsetting. You can see the sunlight hitting his head when he leans out and the sunlight hitting her when he lifts her up and over the railing. To me this video is even more damning then the one Royal released.
  9. Disclaimer - I am NOT a lawyer, but I do work for a law firm. One This case starts and stops when he raised her up over the railing. Whether he placed her on the railing or past the railing, whether he knew the window is open, why he picked her up, etc. DOES NOT MATTER. He placed her above a safety mechanism. That's the end of it. Will he be found guilty? I can't see any reason why not because none of the reasons he citing mean anything. Will he see jail time? My thought is probably probation. A judge would be setting a very bad precedent that could cause major pr
  10. My 11 year old girl was able to age up on Anthem in 2019. I think most of this was because they had so many kids in the 9-11 group that anyone with an older family member was allowed to age up with them. That said, if it wasn't for the fact that my very responsible niece was in that older group (16) I would not have allowed it. We've unfortunately seen bad behavior from that group in the past couple of cruises (including stealing). Also, boys.... Sigh. LOL She had a 16 year old in the group trying to get her number, knowing her age. But I also could be a prude...
  11. My son has two middle names which are both on his passport and they didn't fit on the Royal reservation unless I removed the space. When we got to the terminal it took an extra 5 minutes checking in. A supervisor had to come override something because of this. But they didn't really answer me when I asked what I should do next time so "shrugs". Not much help for you I guess. LOL
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