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  1. As a solo traveler I started booking with NCL because of their solo, studio staterooms. The ironic thing is that every cruise I have booked with NCL the studios cost more than an inside staterooms. Since an inside has more sq footage, and I’m Pooh-sized, I wind up booking the inside. Then I bid $150 for a balcony and I always get it. Supply and demand!
  2. I stand corrected. Never had a desire to have more than 1 app and dessert.
  3. Yeah - You’re over reading it (like we all tend to do). All it’s saying is that if you choose to go to Cagney’s or Le Bistro (which are priced ala carte as opposed to a flat fee) you get one entree. You also will get one appetizer and one dessert. You can also use your dining credits at any of the other specialty restaurants. Enjoy!
  4. I have enough points to get an OBC of $250. Can I use my OBC to purchase $500 worth of cruise next certificates?
  5. Yeah I really like my location now so unless I can save money I’ll stay where I’m at.
  6. Thanks for your insight! I currently booked a balcony in what I think is a good location. When upgrade bidding begins I will bid the cost of the pass for a spa balcony. If I don’t get it I’ll stay where I’m at and just buy the pass 😉
  7. Other than access to thermal suite (which can be purchased al a carte) and location is there any difference between a standard balcony and a SPA balcony. The NCL website says the Spa balcony has “tranquil spa decor” but all the picture/videos I see online they look pretty much the same. The price difference is significantly more than the cost of a thermal suite pass. Am I missing something?
  8. Yes, I meant premium plus. the extra $30 per night is worth it if I get a good bottle of wine with dinner and a high quality pre-dinner drink. The wines by the glass are not bad but not good either. The “select” bottles of wine are pretty good. I probably won’t even drink the whole bottle but the higher quality is worth it.
  9. I am a solo traveler. If I get the premium beverage package do I get a bottle of wine each night?😊
  10. When a NCL supervisor says to me “we are not offering refunds at this time, maybe in July” I am going to believe them. She did NOT say that they will start accepting requests on May 5th or 7th or whatever it is and it will take 90 days to process. She never said any of that. By the way you do know that they changed that information on the website several times. She could have told me the most up to date info but chose not to. I also received a letter that day informing me about the cancellation and that letter said NOTHING about a refund at all. I had called with the intent to book 2
  11. Which resulted in me asking is my only option to request a refund and which time the supervisor yelled at me stating "we are NOT offering refunds at this time". My only option was to dispute with credit card company. Sad.
  12. In my case I paid for all and only received 1/3. The rest went to 2 minors. How can you give minors a FCC? That's a headscratcher.
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