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  1. Ok thanks. After looking at onboard interest costs, we probably wonโ€™t check in on the ship, just get right to the airport.
  2. Would a flight leaving MCO at 12:10pm be doable if we checked in online while on the ship? We would obviously need to get off the ship early.
  3. Just wondering if anyone who is on the Escape right now could find out if the O'Sheehan's bar (not on the restaurant side) is still selling 60 oz pitchers of various draught beers for $13.95? They had these a few years ago, and I was hopeful it was still a thing ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. If you are using a TA, NCL won't deal with you directly. Everything has to be done through your TA. Another plus of booking yourself directly with the cruise line.
  5. @Bobal, so we essentially have to take the cable car up and back down from Fira...? I'm okay with that. Sounds like less hassle TBH.
  6. The cruise I'm looking at has Santorini from 2pm-10pm. Can we take the bus at the bottom near the port all the way up to Oia? Hang out there for a few hours, take the public bus back down as far as Fira, hang out there for a while, then take the cable car back down to port? I'm getting a little confused with all of the various modes of transportation and how/where they take you to...
  7. I was just going to post something similar. There are no Caribbean cruises in APRIL out of Florida? None?
  8. I think the OP is likely thinking of going for a dip to cool off then return to the solarium. Not go for "hours".
  9. But if she had needed medical attention, wouldn't you still need a letter of permission for the doctor to take care of emergencies?
  10. While not at Cococay, my family just returned from The Grand at Moon Palace in Cancun. They have a waterpark there with mat racers and tube slides. Tube slides were for 5'3" and taller. I'm 42 and 5'1" and I was denied riding. It definitely happens.
  11. Oh okay. I "thought" I had seen it in one of those show calendars. Good to know it's still there!
  12. What about the silent disco? I thought I had seen/read this was on the Symphony...
  13. OMG, I'm losing my mind LOL Can someone tell me which browser I should be doing mock bookings on? Every time I choose "Canada", it bumps me back to the US site. Or, if I try to add my province, it freezes and I have to completely close out. I guess they don't want Canadians on board LOL I've tried Firefox and Chrome. Is IE better?
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