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  1. I have read about this happening several times but never to a non-US citizen, so until it actually happens, I guess we will never know. As the policy is stated, they would fly you to your local Canadian airport on a private plane and then provide transportation for you to get to your home Isn’t that what I typed?
  2. Celebrity lost his results and therefore paid for his extra days in the hotel, all food, new flight/cost difference, and new covid test. He said that he booked his test at FLL that day, but with PCR they only guarantee results in 48 hours. He couldn’t book his flight until he had his results. And it was unlikely he would get a flight the same day he got his results back. So that is why he had to stay on FLL for extra days. Makes perfect sense to me.
  3. Yikes. Sorry. Pretty much everyone here is complaining about this restricting their travel opportunities, which is why I called it a debacle.
  4. Now that the election is over, I wonder how it will take the feds to get on this international vaccine passport and mixed doses debacle?
  5. @lx200gps I believe they are doing it until Oct 31? Who knows if that will be extended or not once Nov 1 rolls around the CSO is over with.
  6. Royal does do this. They have done it multiple times already and it is in their terms. They charter a private plane or jet and fly the infected people/party home to their airport, then arrange private transportation to their home. There have been documented accounts of this happening already. I think Celebrity has done it as well. I haven’t read of any Canadian requiring this service yet (I doubt many are actually cruising right now).
  7. Hopefully these lines extend their protocols for positive cases, whether it is paying for quarantine hotels and expense or flying the parties home via private transportation.
  8. In NS we have these little paper cutouts from the CANImmunize website. I have also PDF’d the pages to my phone. Honestly, I could easily replicate these cards in Word LOL
  9. It says you still need to test three days prior to entry.
  10. https://news.paxeditions.com/news/cruise/royal-caribbean-group-says-yes-mixed-pfizermoderna-vaccines-us-sailings
  11. That's true. The cruise line's can operate more ships if they also have the Canadian home ports. That also means more money pouring into Alaska.
  12. If you are sailing on a cruise line that is exercising physical distancing with their capacities on board, I think you will be fine on the ship. I mean, a ship that can hold 6000 passengers, but is only housing 30%-50% of that would be easy to navigate without crowds.
  13. https://news.paxeditions.com/news/cruise/bc-bypass-option-cruise-ships-would-be-devastating-victoria-harbour-auth-ceo Just read this article. Well, our government just shot us in the foot again.
  14. If it has stayed closed during the lowest case count times, it definitely won't reopen at this point in time.
  15. I was watching JJ Cruise's live feed the other day and they noted how NCL is allowing the mixed MRNA vaccines. They said they "heard" through the grapevine that Royal and Celebrity might be following suit shortly. I mean, do they want to lose all that business to NCL? I highly doubt it. I am sure that is coming down the pipes in the coming weeks.
  16. Why don't you just get tested in your home province? That is so much easier than waiting until your FL arrival. FLL and MIA have antigen testing at their airports, pricing is on their websites. You would need an antigen test to fly to the US anyways, so unless you are spending time pre-cruise there, just do it here. Edited to add: Pretty sure you need to show your flight information to quality for the airport testing. Meaning, if you are arriving at FLL or MIA, they might not allow it (?)
  17. @AlbertaCruisersYea, I specifically asked about cruises and they told me it has never come off the policy, even with the government warning. Ugh, so many different replies!
  18. My work plan (NS) is blue cross and they told me cruises and covid are covered.
  19. Good ol’ Don Terris is cruising again. He and Tony (La Lido Loca) are sailing today on the Majestic Princess out of Seattle to Alaska. Don is doing a B2B. He has a video up stating not one time through three airports was he asked for his US attestation form or covid test results. He flew from Ottawa to Vancouver to Seattle.
  20. You technically only need two, Assuming you are not spending extra time at the port city before the cruise. Take an antigen test the day prior to flying and that is your cruise test too.
  21. By the time March rolls around, the protocols will have changed a zillion times. Go to your cruise line’s website and check their protocols page.
  22. Vaccinated Canadians no longer have to do the quarantine hotels, has been that way for a while. I would consider this private plane to be equal to a med-evac.
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