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  1. First, this is not a post on ship gratuities. We’re planning on a cruise from LA to Sydney Oct ‘22. We’re planning on spending a few days post cruise in Sydney. As we’ve never been there, I’d like to know what is customary with regards to tipping/gratuities when we’re at hotels, restaurants, etc. in the city. In the US it’s customary to tip in restaurants, bars or hotels. I’ve heard this is not the custom worldwide and some countries/cultures find this offensive. We don’t want to offend anyone either by giving/withholding a gratuity. What is the custom there?
  2. It must’ve been a mass email for anyone booked on any cruise. We got the email for our Oct. ‘22 cruise. That’s fine with me though. It gives me something to look at 😉
  3. Good morning, On a transpacific cruise we are flying home from Sydney to Detroit on Delta. There are no direct flights, the 1stop flights have either 3, 5, or 7 hr LAX layover options. For those familiar with LAX, is it possible to clear customs and change planes with a 3 hr layover? Thanks in advance.
  4. Are there any recommendations for medical insurance when traveling outside of US? My husband and I have Medicare together with supplemental health insurance, but I believe they can’t be used in a foreign country. Any recommendations? We will purchase Medjet, but that only covers evacuation not medical bills. Thanks.
  5. My husband and I (75 and 71) are planning on taking a South Pacific cruise next year from LA to Sydney. We are US citizens with Medicare and supplementary insurance. I understand this only covers medical expenses in the US. Should we purchase any extra insurance, and if so, are there any recommendations? We usually purchase a Medjet policy but that only covers an evacuation, not necessarily medical expenses in a different country. Thank you.
  6. Thank you all for the great suggestions. This gives me a lot of choices. I’m happy to read that there’s a lot to do in this city, and the hotels are in close proximity to the attractions. Thanks again!
  7. Thank you all. This is really helpful. I know it’s a long way off, but it gives me something to plan :).
  8. My husband and I booked the LA to Sydney cruise in 2022. We’ve never been to Sydney and are planning on spending a couple days after the cruise to sightsee. Usually we book hotels through Princess when traveling to a new city (hotels, transfers to hotel/airport, etc.) but thought someone here might have some recommendations. The hotels Princess recommends are the Four Seasons or Hyatt. Would it be better to go through Princess or book on our own. We’d like to stay near where the attractions are, which look like near Circle Quay. Also is transportation easily accessible for transfers, sightseei
  9. Thanks Dave. I’m new to HAL and not familiar with the pricing. I really liked the 35 day Hawaii/Tahiti cruise and usually cruise in suites, but the price point here is a little too much for me. I appreciate all the information you’ve given me. Maybe we’ll try HAL with a different itinerary.
  10. I’m basically concerned with the Neptune cabins. Neptune suite on the Zuiderdam was approx $24,500. I did see a 34 day cruise on the Noordam ( I believe the same class ship) a Neptune suite for approx $13,500. Maybe it’s the destination combined with ship I don’t know. It just seems like an unusually large discrepancy with this particular cabin compared to other suites on the Zuiderdam or other Neptune suites on other comparable ships.
  11. I have a question regarding Neptune suites on the 35 day Hawaii/Tahiti cruise. The price of these cabins seem extraordinarily high compared to other suites/cruises. A Neptune suite lists at approx $24,000. A Signature suite on the same cruise is approx $12,000. On a 31 day SA cruise a Neptune suite is approx $12,000 and Signature suite on same cruise is approx $9,000. It seems like a big difference for cruises approx the same length, or even between Signature and Neptune suites on same cruise. I’m new to HAL so I hope someone can explain it to me. TIA.
  12. Good Morning! I have several questions about HAL as we have never sailed on them. I’ve looked back several pages and can’t find the answers so I figured I’d ask now. Apologies in advance if I missed them. We are thinking about the 35 day Hawaii/Tahiti cruise in a Neptune suite on the Zuiderdam for our anniversary. We have only cruised Princess before, so I’m trying to compare the 2. Here are the questions: 1. Does the Signature drink pkg include 99% of the liquids (bottled water, specialty coffees/teas, most wines, cocktails, beer, etc)? I saw somewhere that there was another pkg
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