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  1. Ah I see. So we come to the crux of it. When you mean "niche" what you really mean is "British" or "not North American". Do you also think P&O is a "niche" cruise line? Perhaps the Italian cruise lines MSC and Costa are also niche then. Just because you have never heard of something, it doesn't make it niche. There are many American and Canadian things that I have "never heard of" and probably wouldn't show up on the first page of "British" Google but I would never think to call it "niche".
  2. I literally just typed in Saga on Google and the second thing to come up on page 1 was Saga Holidays - Cruises for over 50s. The first thing on page 1 was Saga insurance which is the same company as Saga Holidays as you can get cruise insurance through them. So I honestly don't know where you're looking! 🙍‍♀️
  3. Most European airlines I've flown on allow you to bring a checked suitcase too. Granted I've never flown Ryan Air and never plan to, but KLM, EasyJet, Alitalia and various others I've flown have all permitted hold bags, so don't see the problem.
  4. Haven't done a b2b but I've done a few 2 week cruises from the UK and can say this - if you're planning on eating and drinking to your heart's content, bring a slightly larger/stretchier set of clothes for the second week. Things never seem to fit me as well on the second week, so I always take one set of clothes for the first week and another set of clothes for the second. That way I won't have to struggle to do a zip or buttons up when I've put on a tad too much weight from all the eating. If you're flying and don't want to take too much extra, just take clothes that you know will fit you if
  5. We always pack like this, putting half of each others clothes in the others cases. My mum used to pack our luggage like this from the time I was young and I've continued to do it to this day and fortunately I've never lost luggage.
  6. If they did this I would be enormous coming home! Worth it though! 😆
  7. 1. I wish the Windjammer would stay open a bit later in the evenings or there was a late night place doing food other than pizza. 2. I like how in suites on NCL you have a little cabinet in your room with coffee cups, wine and champagne glasses, plates, cutlery, condiments. I liked not having to ask for those things, say if we wanted to open our wine and have a glass one evening, we didn't have to wait for our stateroom attendant (butler on NCL) to bring glasses for us. The same if we brought food back to our room from one of the eateries on board. There were knives and forks, salt, peppe
  8. I don't think you understand what she is trying to say. It is not about how safe or controlled the environment is, but about how girls of that age rarely feel comfortable going to bars or dance clubs alone. Yes it might be one of the "most common places for young people to hang out in to socialize and meet others and/or friends" but generally speaking girls go to those places with friends, rarely on their own. If you did have daughters of your own, you would understand that it is not so much a matter of the parent's worry about them going by themselves, but the daughter's own concern about wal
  9. We'll be getting on as you get off. We lifted and shifted our Allure cruise this year to September 5th next year. Like you we're looking forward to cruising again!
  10. Always wear an evening gown on formal night. I've got one that travels well; relatively light and non-crease so if I'm flying I'll take that for one and a cocktail dress for the other. When I'm not flying I take three evening gowns because I'm usually on a 14 night when I don't fly. Also it really all depends on where you're cruising. On Caribbean cruises I have noticed that less people dress up. On cruises out of UK the majority are dressed formally in tuxes or suits (or kilts) and long evening dresses or sparkly cocktail dresses. Med cruises tend to be more of a mix.
  11. I don't know...I've flown in on the day of sailing in the past. Not to Venice, but to Rome a couple of times when I've booked the flights with RCI. I also know a lot of people from the UK who do. I've also heard of many from Spain and Italy who fly in the day of. Just because you may not personally do so, it doesn't mean that most people do.
  12. Having sailed one of the smaller NCL ships last year, I can't say anything about entertainment as the Star didn't have all the big shows like the Epic, but I found MDR food lacking on NCL. RCI is much better in that regard, though the buffet was better on NCL. I would say that in my opinion, MDR food ranks higher on RCI than both Carnival (with the only exception being desserts on Carnival) and NCL, but perhaps lower than say Celebrity or Disney (haven't sailed on those two but have heard nothing but good things about the food from others who have, and have seen the menus/food pictures etc.) T
  13. I actually really like sailing out of the UK, yeah the weather can be unpredictable but I like having a few sea days at the beginning and the end of the cruise as it gives you time to relax before (and after) the hectic port days. It's also much easier not having to worry about weight limits on suitcases than when you have to fly and airports always stress me out, so it's nice not having to deal with that and just getting a coach down to Southampton. No driving, we can just kick back and chill before the cruise. Of course, the prices are insanely high, which was why we chose to sail from Barce
  14. Nope, I'm assuming that my holiday will still be atol/abta protected whether it's this year or next. If Royal goes bankrupt then I'll be covered and get a refund.
  15. Have any UK cruisers got any experience with Tesco vouchers? I'm cruising at the end of August and used my Tesco vouchers to bring the price of my cruise down by £200. If the cruise doesn't go ahead because of coronavirus or we cancel before final payment under RCI's cruise with confidence, do we get these vouchers back? If so, does anyone know how we go about that? Will they be refunded directly by email or will we have to call RCI and/or Tesco Clubcard in order to get the ball rolling?
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