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  1. We should have been on her in February but transferred to next February. Great to have it to look forward to.
  2. Andy, so pleased to see you back on here. You have been greatly missed.
  3. Just watched the naming ceremony. Mixed feelings really. What they showed of the inside looked lovely, would have liked to have seen more. Paul Ludlow was OK, not very inspirational though. Gary Barlow’s first song was OK, then he sang Rule the World, which was great. Obviously done in a studio a long way from Southampton. Overall, it made me feel that we all have something to look forward too and I can’t wait.
  4. Just re-read the email it is about 2022. It will teach me to pay more attention. I got so excited too!
  5. Just had an email from P & O advertising cruises from Southampton from 1 September. Fjords, Canaries and Med are listed. This makes me a little more hopeful for our Eastern Med cruise on 9 September.
  6. I received an invitation yesterday which I accepted. Let’s face it it’s the nearest thing to cruising we have had this year - Atlantic tier. If we had not had three cruises cancelled we would have moved up to the next level.
  7. Lots to look forward to Phil. At the moment it seems like we are wishing our lives away. Hopefully things will get more like normal next year.
  8. Hi Alsa, we were on the same cruise as you. We love Britannia but Azura is our favourite. We have booked again on Britannia in December. I am determined to have a holiday in the sun this year, after having 3 cancelled. We have been to the Caribbean several times on Oriana, Arcadia, Ventura, Azura and Britannia. We never tire of the Caribbean, we don’t always get off the ship these days as my husband has a leg problem (hoping it will get sorted next year!). We quite like the peaceful, laid back days on board when many passengers are off exploring. We are booked on an Eastern Med cruise in Septe
  9. Lovely day here in Bolton but temperatures are due to be going down for the rest of the week. For the first time this year we are going to see some friends and have lunch in their garden. I feel giddy with excitement! A bit of normality is a great tonic, fingers crossed it will continue.
  10. We are on Britannia in the Caribbean 4 -18 December and hope that the ship will be decorated for Christmas. We have been three times from Boxing Day and all the decorations were still up until towards the end of the cruise. It was a really lovely atmosphere. We even bought Christmas decorations on our port stops.
  11. Another lovely morning here in Bolton. Not only are the cows out but a beautiful red fox is roaming amongst them. For a short time it was in the narrow wood between our garden and the field so I locked the cat in. She wouldn’t stand a chance against the fox. Fence painting for us today but will watch the events in Windsor later. Very sad day.
  12. Wow, that’s a nice surprise, Dai. Nice to know you are still reading comments on here.
  13. Lovely photo Graham, looks like you are on holiday. Enjoy your stroll and dream about cruises to come.m
  14. Avril, I always feel sad when you mention Andy/Michelle, but glad you do. . I’m not a big poster but I read messages regularly and miss Andy’s. He was always helpful, funny and seems genuinely a nice person. I can’t remember what upset him but wish he was back on here.
  15. Not sure what prompted this at our doctor’s surgery. My 2nd jab was due this coming Saturday but early last week I, along with many others, were invited to pick a slot on Saturday just gone which I did. On Sunday my daughter and son-in-law got a phone call from the surgery at 3.15 saying if they could get there before 4pm they could both have their 2nd. We are all Phizer but my husband had AZ. He hasn’t been called. Presuming either some people didn’t turn up or cancelled and they were left with a surplus W that needed using. Or they just received too much.
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