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  1. i have found that the larger airports we would wonder around in la la land not knowing where the gate is or we had to go downstairs in miami airport and where do we find an elevator and where do you go from there. seattle airport was really large and we would have had a heck of a time finding the gate, and then we would have been standing in line waiting. when ask for wheelchair assistance we go right thru. no stopping, no waiting. i do know that you must have a FOLDABLE scooter in order to get on any of the excursion buses. especially alaska. they will not take your scooter if it does not fo
  2. i have been on many a cruise and find no problem in the casino. most people are okay with someone on a scooter. you can park the scooter on the end of a row of machines where there is room. or if you want to just bring it up to the machine. people are not usually that rude. and if they are....oh well.
  3. always ask the steward. dont be afraid to rent and take that scooter all over the destination. you'll have a great time. better than sitting on the boat waiting for someone to tell you about the port when there is no need to.
  4. my experience has been. i would much rather tell airlines that i need wheelchair assistance and have one of the handlers push me around the airport. its simple. when i go w/my on own scooter, i dont know where im goin. a handler picks you right up at check in and brings you to airline departure gate. sometimes the airport is so large (miami), you dont know where you're goin. these transporters get you there no fuss. no muss. well worth whatever you want to tip them. i rent a scooter to be on the ship. never had a problem. whatever scooter make sure that it folds. most buses will take the scoo
  5. in my opinion $5 is on the cheap side to be tipping. especially if you are on the hefty side and a little skinny someone is pushing you thru the airport. these people are making minimum wage. you splurged on your cruise dont you think they deserve something for pushing you around and getting you to your destination w/o hassell.
  6. i really think you should do a bit more research if you cant differentiate difference between the two vacations.
  7. if im spending all that money to go on a cruise to alaska, i dont think im goin go worry about having a crab lunch/dinner someplace. enjoy yourself. whats another hundred.
  8. we booked jerry metchum out of ketchikam. he guaranteed catching salmon. my husband and granddaughter went and had the time of their lives. they caught something like 9 or 10 salmon. its not cheap something like $600 for the two of them; but they did catch salmon. also, the cleaning and sending the fish home was not cheap at all. but that a whole other subject. here is jerry's number. i cant remember the name of his website. 907 723 2399
  9. i was on norwegian and told stewards not allowed to return the scooters
  10. i am of size and travel w/scooter. i however, do not rent a scooter til im on the ship. i tell the airport that i need assistance. they provide a wheelchair and wheel me to whatever gate i need. they take my luggage from the time the limo pulls up to the airport. thats why i do not bring my own scooter. because i go right thru customs, get to the gate w/them.
  11. have you thought about SMARTSCOOT - LIGHTEST SCOOTER
  12. my husband took the battery off and is charging it now. the rear wheel was not moving so he unjammed that. seems it had something to do with the brake. your vacation sounds wonderful. a true trip of a lifetime. i paid 1,000 vs 2,095 plus tax + shipping. i was annoyed it didnt work properly and am anxious to use it. but if my husband cannot fix it, i'll bring it to a shop and have they look at it. i will look at emobility. tx.
  13. im glad you had a good time inspite of the scooter. i guess you were in the right place for the scooter to break down considering vn has thousands of scooters. i bet the cost was half of what the u.s. would be. i purchased a triaxe sport today for $1,000 on craigslist. its suppose to be 1 yr old . came w/the bigger sized battery and larger seat. the mans wife did not like the scooter. too fast for her. anyway, right now its in the garage being charged. hope it works for me. im excited.
  14. surprised there was no conversation on this topic. i know i had millions of questions. hope you all enjoy your trips
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