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  1. We've got one booked in November for the Caribbean but can't decide whether to cancel or transfer to a later date.
  2. We're booked on this and have heard nothing. Balance is due to TA end of next week, have been waiting to hear before cancelling as I still don't feel it's safe enought to go!
  3. We were due to sail yesterday.
  4. purplesea


    We have had L226 before and had no problems. In fact I prefer to be higher up.
  5. I had two rooms booked through Hotels.com at the Moxy in Southampton. I contacted them on 23rd April, which is when we learnt our cruise wasn't taking place to cancel and was refunded with no problems.
  6. Very impressive. You must have a lot of patience. Your kitchen is very similar to of my old kitchen!
  7. I did a Baltic cruise a couple of years ago and in St Petersburg did a tour with Red Sun Tours who organised the tour to our groups requirements. Our guide was Elena (the owner of the company) and we had a really enjoyable two days touring the city which included a river trip and a subway ride as well as visits to some of the mayor attractions.
  8. It is not just those living up in Scotland that are being affected, people down here are too. Also was watching the news this morning that those living on the Channel Islands who regularly fly over to Southampton for hospital treatment.
  9. Thank you for the all the photos, videos and updates, it is really interesting to see her taking shape. I can't wait til July!
  10. I like to have a drink with my food. I found on that as I can only carry one item at a time I was getting food then going back for coffee, and by the time I had returned the food was no longer hot, or the coffee if I did it in reverse order!
  11. We did a trip to the gardens with P&O a few years back, but we where docked in Amsterdam then, so not sure if they do them from other ports, but I expect they would as it was very popular.
  12. I have some from our cruise on her in November in the Caribbean. I do remember that there was a new show which was premiered on our last night "Mr Tickerton's Clockwork Circus" and Astonishing was also on in The Headliners theatre. Will need to get them out to see what else was on.
  13. The main selling point for us was the fact that she is the new ship and my mother particularly was interested in sailing on her. Our ages range between 60 to late 80's - so we are certainly not in the 'younger demographic' group and are booked to sail on her in July.
  14. We are booked to sail on Iona and I am looking forward to it. I know she is big, maybe we love, like or hate her, but until we've been we won't know! When we originally booked Britannia we thought she was going to be too big, but after having sailed on her several times we no longer think that. We don't find her particularly crowded and can normally find somewhere to sit in the various venues.
  15. The airports have been doing this for a while. I do have a hidden disability, after nerosurgery, but would not consider wearing a lanyard announcing it to the world!
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