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  1. Husband has his 2nd jab on Saturday. He had flu like symptoms first time round too.
  2. A nice bright sunny day after a frosty start. Been out the front of the house checking the planters and it is quite warm out there, so perhaps this afternoon will be able to sit out, when the sun gets round, in the back garden with my book We don't have a problem with cats just seagulls🤬
  3. I enjoy the formal nights. It is nice to see people dressed smartly for dinner.
  4. A cold and frosty start here this morning but it's now warming up, with wall to wall sunshine. Another day of busy doing nothing! Stay safe all
  5. I have cruised in a selection of cabins. Our first few cruises were outsides, with a window. We had a suite on Oceana as there were 3 of us sharing. I have also had a superior de-luxe balcony on Ventura (only as it was the same price as a standard balcony) as well as various balconies. The only we haven't had is an inside. My choice of cabin is selected more on price options that type, as I would rather have more cruises😃
  6. I'm booked in for Thursday and as I haven't had it cut since about October, as January's appointment didn't happen. Will be glad to have my hair out of my eyes!
  7. Bright and sunny down here, but a but a bit blowy. Temp wise it's 8c with but the wind's making it feel 4. Had a phone call yesterday from one of my daughter's to check if we would be in if they called round. Don't know where she thought we would be!! We ended up having a BBQ in the garden until it became too chilly to sit out. I haven't seen her and her hubby for more than a few minutes for a door step delivery on Mother's Day so it was nice to have a catch up.
  8. On one occassion I was on Azura and got into the lift to find someone who worked in the same store as me.
  9. Morning everyone. A dull and overcast day here temp is set to double today from the present 5c. Off in a short while to collect my shopping from Tesco's and then expecting a phone call later. What an exciting day, I've got. Don't know how I'll cope!😅 Hope you all enjoy your day.
  10. Thank you. Can't wait to see some photos from the inside. We were booked for July 2020 and then August 2021. Now looking forward to January 2022. Third time lucky🤞
  11. That's the one I'm thinking about too. Just need to persuade hubby!!
  12. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day and the Chinese later. Weather's not too bad down here, no wind, sun trying to come out and 9c feeling like 6c not supposed to get much warmer only expected to get to 10, but at least it's dry. Nothing planned for today although I have a pattern for a top that I want to make and found some materal online, only problem I don't know how much I need. That will give the old brain a work out!😅 Have a good day everyone.
  13. Just catching up from this morning so adding my birthday wishes to Mr Presto 2 and to Avril's daughter. Also Happy Anniversary to Pete and his wife. I hope everyone has enjoyed their special day.
  14. Not a brilliant day down here, think it will be one to those days to dodge the showers, if venturing out. Temp wise 7 with a feel of 3, at least the wind has stopped. Nothing doing again so just feeling bored. Off to see if there is anything interesting in the new itineries. Heightwise I'm 5ft 7in.
  15. A bright and breezy day down here and a temp of 6oC but a feel of 2. My hubby spoke to his neice in Sicily yesterday and they were saying it was cold at 22oC🙄. Yes please, Rhubarb and ginger crumble for me too please. Rhbarb and ginger jam is nice too.
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