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  1. Hope all goes well and wishing you a speedy recovery. A nice sunny day here, after all the rain we have had, still windy though. Just been out to check the pear tree and rescue and windfalls before the slugs get at them. I''m working late again today, as I have a phone appointment with my consultant, but other than than I've nothing planned. Hope everyone has a good day.
  2. Been out and about a bit today. First took my car to the garage for it's MOT and passed a small queue there getting petrol. Have been up to Truro and back in hubby's car as my daughter had a Dr's appointment there and the queue for our local Shell garage was queuing on the roundabout blocking all the traffic on the main road. Coming through our village the first petrol station has a very small queue in the road and the garage where my car was only had cars on the forecourt. Car's passed it's MOT, without too much damage to my pocket🙂 and as I had quarter a tank of fuel did fill up while I was there. With regard to table settings, I have sets of nice glasses which get used on special occasions, but only have the crockery which we use every day!
  3. I’m sitting here at work, bored, so thought I would come on here to see what’s been going on. Nice pictures, Purdey and congratulations Gill on your new home.
  4. Thank you Graham. All's well, she received a text at 2 am this morning saying her test is negative. After that scare though, as she has a compromised immune system she has informed the school where she works that she will be staying at home while there are cases of covid there.
  5. Been catching up again! Sorry to hear your sad news Purdey, but you should be able to take comfort that she died peacefully in her sleep. Hope your moves goes well Gill, without any hiccups. Graham, it's good to hear your op went well. I came home from work today to find that my daughter is self-isolating as her collegue at work has tested positive for covid and she is now waiting for the results of a CPR test🤞.
  6. Hi all, Been busy trying to get things straight after having all our work done in the house. Carpet was fitted Monday and now trying to get the furniture back where it belongs, but being at work all day the last thing I feel like doing is moving furniture when I get home, but we will get there - eventually! Washing machine is being delivered tomorrow, so hubby has the job of waiting in for it. Happy anniversary Damian and Michelle, hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your meal. Good luck for tomorrow Graham, I'm sure all will go well. After a hectic day and evening am now sitting here with a well earned glass of wine🙂 Sat outside during my break today and was joined by this little fella
  7. Just another quick catch up from me. Lovely photo, Graham we've had mist, drizzle and rain the last couple of nights, and not any better today. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby Sue and belated Anniversary wishes to John.
  8. I agaree, we have sailed on select and saver fares. Normally we go select so we can choose what we want. The only time we did a saver fare, which was a last minute booking, we were in the Caribbean so do need to worry about shuttle buses and were allocated an assessable cabin near the rear of the ship, so were lucky.
  9. Well today hasn't got of to a good start. Washing machine broke down on Monday, full of wet dirty washing. Managed to get through to the insurance company and after two calls and a ringback earliest could book a repair for was for today. Engineer's been and machine can't be fixed, so now waiting for a call for them to arrange for a new machine, which should be within two working days.
  10. When we last used the shuttle buses they scanned our cards as we boarded.
  11. Just been catching up on all the posts. Pretty hectic here what with working and now the builders gone, hubby has decided to decorate before we have carpet fitted in less than a week! Have been busy emptying wall units and moving furniture around before and after work. Keep telling myself it will be worth it when it's all done! Jane - Glad to hear that you have had a response from MSC.
  12. Fingers crossed for you🤞that your's comes back a quickly
  13. I filled in the online application on Wednesday, 1st Sept and sent my old passport on the Friday which arrived there on the Monday and received my passport back Thursday, 9th Sept😲. The Gov website was saying allow five weeks so I was thinking more like ten! Pity the DVLA aren't working the same way I applied to renew my licence last September and am still waiting!!
  14. Been a lovely sunny day today, but typically I was at work and yesterday when I had a day off it rained. Why???
  15. Sorry to.hear about your husband, hope he recovers soon. Disappointing not to.be able to get away. I'm at work at present, an early shift today, and another slow day, although this morning hasn't been as bad as yesterday. Only another three hours to go! Enjoy your Sunday everyone.
  16. I am at work and the evening is dragging - it’s so quiet, so thought I would come on here to see what everyone is up to!
  17. Happy birthday to Frank, and hope the evening goes well.
  18. Glad to hear you had a good time. I have been thinking of booking a trip up to London and taking in a show when work finishes, as am in need of a break.
  19. I am so jealous! We have had builders in for the last two weeks, and I've been working late shifts followed by getting up early which don't go well! The builders have finished but hubby has now started decorating. Next step is to move all the furniture and get the carpet fitted. By the time it is all finished I will be in dire need of a holiday.
  20. Sorry to hear that. Hubby and I received letters today saying that they are holding walk-in sessions for flu jabs at our surgery this Saturday and next. I applied online last Wednesday to renew my passport and sent the old one off on Friday and received my new one today🙂. I expected to wait a lot longer that a week, especially as I applied to renew my driving licence last September and am still waiting!!!
  21. Been at work all day and it hasn't been sunny down here at all. Grey and thick mist to start and then rain, it cleared up a bit but is raining again now. One of the guests sent through an e-mail saying he had ordered a sea view room and enclosed a photo of the view from his room as he couldn't see the sea only mist. What we were supposed to do I don't know😕
  22. Another nice day down here and up to 20oC already. I have also got the day of work so will be able to spend the afternoon in the garden with my book. Our building work has been completed we now have the task of decorating and getting the conservatory and living room re-carpeted then we can put everything back where it belongs. The hotel I'm working in is only doing B&B as we can't get sufficient staff to cover evening meals.
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