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  1. Been away and come back to find that the CP has changed. Not for the better! My details are there, but can't check my husband's. My loyaity tier is wrong. Emergency details for one cruise are stated but not on the other. I think it much more complicated. Why can't the itineraries just be listed instead of having to be displayed as a calendar? I am not impressed!!
  2. I will let you know how we get on as we fly out on Saturday and due to land at 17.35 as well.
  3. We booked this earlier this year for ourselves and my mother. I received an e-mail headed "Important information about your cruise . . . " so opened it thinking it for our cruise this weekend, only to read that it was addressed only to my mother I haven't received anything in my name although I am the lead passenger We have been to Norway of several times and think that the naming ceremony will far more interesting than calling in at Stravanger. If it is anything like the atmosphere that was on board for P&O's 175th Anniversary Celebrations it will be a worthwhile experience.
  4. We are flying out on Saturday to Barbados with Virgin as "Scheduled Economy" (to quote my e-ticket). I have been on the Virgin site and booked Economy Classic seats which were free, but there was not a lot of choice as we booked late. Having never flown with Virgin before I was interested to read other people's opinions.
  5. I also tend to go for wedges too, although not high. I have a pair of flatish sparkly sandals and a pair of bronze coloured ballet flats which go with most things. The only problem I have when wearing flats is that my long dresses are too long!
  6. Working for me at the minute, waiting to get flights details and accommodation confirmed, but it has a habit of changing my husband's and my passport numbers!!
  7. We visited St Petersburg last year and a group tour was organised through here with Red Sun Tours (redsun-tours.com) whom I highly recommend. Our tour was guided by the owner herself and we had a very enjoyable visit, we loved every minute. I do so want to go back!
  8. I haven't received that e-mail either. Although we haven't got a cruise booked until next year I did go and check out my CP and both my husband's and my passport numbers weren't correct!!
  9. She's really beginning to look like a ship! Can't wait to sail on her in July. Thanks for the regular updates.
  10. I usually have one largish bag for travelling, to hold passport, travel documents etc. I then switch to a smaller bag for day to day use as I need to carry glasses, and always like to have tissues with me. For evenings I take just a small bronze/pewter coloured bag with a strap, just big enough for my glasses, which goes with all my outfits - I prefer to read the menu myself For days out I use a tote bag. So in total I take 4 bags.
  11. I visited St Petersburg last year and did a tour with Red Sun Tours (redsun-tours.com) whom I highly recommend. We were a small group and our tour guide was the owner of the company who arranged everything and provided a hassle free and enjoyable tour.
  12. Oh well, we'll find out in due course!!
  13. We are booked on this cruise. I hadn't thought about school holidays as down here the schools don't break up until the middle of the month!
  14. Thanks for all the photos. I find it interesting seeing it all come together, and sailing on here in July.
  15. Thanks for sharing. I've got to wait til July to see it, can't wait. Reminded me of a UFO as it hovered into place!
  16. We'll find out in due course! Don't expect it's included.
  17. We visited St Petersburg last year and did a two day tour with Red Sun Tours. The tour was conducted by the owner, Elena, herself who was very interesting and informative. As well as offering day tours she is also able to arrange evening actives. I have no hesitation in recommending her and will certainly use again, should the opportunity arise. https://redsun-tours.com/
  18. I haven't had a copy sent to me either, but picked one up when on Britannia last week!
  19. When I was last on Britannia (Nov 18) there was a table where passengers could swap their books. I take books with me and leave any that I've finished with there.
  20. I decided to cancel a cruise as I was going to be made redundant and lost my deposit. I did query the "in the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances" but got nowhere!
  21. Last cruise my middle name didn't show on my e-ticket so I rang P&O to query it and they said that they had a record of my name and not to worry. I have just checked my CP and my middle is there and also shows on my E-ticket this time!
  22. It was on Britannia last summer and although I wasn't interested in seeing it I was persuaded by other guests who had. I didn't get to see any of it as the music was so loud for the introduction that I had to get up and walk out.
  23. I have never done Freedom dining as I prefer Club Dining. It is nice to have the same waiters each evening as they get to know your preferences and you also get to know them. My mother has an allergy to cheese she is given the menu for the next day to choose what she wants and if necessary any adjustments can be made, which I think would be more difficult with Freedom.
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