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  1. Evening all. Just catching up with all the posts. I've been at work all day and it wasn't nice to start with, torrential rain, but it cleared up nicely and was quite warm although breezy. Very jealous of all of you that are off on cruises, but hope you all have a lovely time. I am very tempted to book one, but work has to come first, especially as it is only seasonal!! Just will have to hang fire and wait for my cruise in January, at least I have something to look forward to. Have a good weekend.
  2. Not to worry. It is nice to see different cabins in various locations. We are booked into 12524 and Mum is next door to us in 12526, (GA grade) with an interconnecting door so will save me going out into the corridor to knock and waiting for her to let me in!
  3. Longest I've done is 21 days, a week in the Med and then transatlantic down to the Caribbean. Our longest stint at sea was five days, but we found plenty to do and didn't get bored. As the others have said all the islands are different. We are booked on Arvia's maiden transatlantic in January 2023 which is a 23 day cruise and I can't wait!
  4. Have a great time on your cruise, Jane. You certainly deserve it after all the help and work you have given to others during the last few months, it's time for you to relax and look after yourself. I am sure the girls will behave and Happy Birthday for Sunday.
  5. Thanks for posting. I didn't like the idea of a conservatory cabin on the prom deck, but having now seen them I certainly won't be booking one. I can't wait to get on board, we were supposed to be on her in July 2020 and again this month, but both were cancelled. Waiting now for January 2022.
  6. Not very nice, weather wise down here this morning. Heavy showers and looking very misty out over the coast. I'm working this afternoon so won't make a lot of difference to me. Hope the rest of you enjoy your day, whatever you may have planned.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to take and post all the photos. Have a good cruise. I can't wait to get onboard in January 2022.
  8. Prices down here have escalated. Working in a hotel situated on the edge of Carbis Bay and St Ives, for a little more than the price of one of the sea view rooms for one night with breakfast, I could go on one of Britannia's 4 night cruises in an inside cabin. I know which I would choose!
  9. At present my children are all near. Two are at the other end of the town, one daughter is here with us and my youngest son is just a stones throw away (it's quicker to walk to his house than drive). The other two are four and ten miles away, so all local. My mother moved down here shortly after we did so all my family are not too far away.
  10. A bit late, but congratulation and hope you had a lovely anniversary. My nephew lives opposite the house I grew up in and it has changed a lot. We have lived were we are in now for 27 years and as the children have left (and come back! - from time to time, latest arrival was my daughter yesterday) we have a lot of their stuff up in the loft. Each time one of them comes back we seem to acquire even more😕 We really should have a good clear out.
  11. A bit late in the day, but Happy Anniversary and hope you enjoyed your Indian meal. Been at work all day so am now just catching up, and it's been one of those days😒 Hopefully tomorrow will be better, especially as I am on a late shift!
  12. Lovely picture. It's overcast and breezy down here and keeps trying to rain. , so not beach weather!
  13. Thank you, but is is just a yearly routine surveillance scan. Traffic going down into Truro was bumper to bumper, so hate to think how crowded it would have been in town. Cars weren't even willing to leave the entrance to the car park clear, which just added to congestion.
  14. Hi all glad to hear some of you are getting out and about. I'm recovering from a cold, have had the various test and it's not covid, but still feeling under the weather. I am still apprehensive going out and about. Have an MRI scan this afternoon in Truro and was going to go into town while up there, but have changed my mind, as still don't feel entirely comfortable going into the shops.
  15. My mother bought one that folds is able to fold up to the size of a suitcase for days out, etc. It is heavy and awkward to get into the boot of my car. She isn't really happy with it as it doesn't like uneven surfaces, even ridges where carpets join, so is not taking it on our cruise, instead opting to take her folding wheelchair. The plus side for me is that when she used a wheelchair on our 14 night Caribbean cruise I didn't put on even a pound in weight😁 I hope you get on well with yours and enjoy your cruise and it enables you to enjoy days out.
  16. Afternoon everyone, hope everyone is keeping well. Day off work for me today and it's a scorching 26oC, our hottest day so far. Took a trip into Penzance this morning to go to the bank and they are still only allowing a certain number of people in at time and all the staff were wearing masks. Walking up the street it was about 50/50 with people wearing masks/not wearing masks.
  17. Hi all, Hope you're all keeping well. Hubby and sons are happy about the football result! Why is it when I have a day off work the sun has a day off too? I had Sunday off and had torrential rain, today it's cloudy and breezy. I suppose I should be thankful it's dry. When I went to Specsavers for an eye-test I was made to feel as though I was wasting their time, as I didn't need glasses. So never went back! Which reminds me I am due to have my eyes tested. Another item for my to-do list!! Have a good day and take care everyone.
  18. Happy Birthday, and have a good celebration on Monday.
  19. Evening everyone, hope everyone is keeping well Just had a quick read through the posts. Have a good holiday Sue, I need one!! I haven't had a much time to come on here since starting work, and as I spend a lot of my day looking at a laptop screen I tend to spend less time on mine. Graham, looks like a nice pizza, hop you enjoyed it. Spent today at work and then straight to my daughter's as she wanted me to shorten some curtains. Measured them in situ, came home, turn them up and have now sewn them, so all ready to go back. Tomorrow it's another busy day, off out shopping, back home for dinner with hubby, daughter, partner and grandaughter, before my sons arrive to watch the football. So much for having a quiet day off! At least I can't say I'm bored!! Enjoy your weekend.
  20. There will be divided loyalties in this house on Sunday, as hubby is Italian and will obviously be cheering them on!
  21. Thank you for the link. Waiting to see what the cabins are like!
  22. Been at work all day, and had a 7 am start so am just catching up now. Sorry to hear you've broken your arm Delgirl, hope it heals quickly and you're not in too much pain. Happy Birthday to Michelle, hope you're enjoying your day. We have had a dull overcast day, and it's now not stopping to rain.
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