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  1. There will be divided loyalties in this house on Sunday, as hubby is Italian and will obviously be cheering them on!
  2. Thank you for the link. Waiting to see what the cabins are like!
  3. Been at work all day, and had a 7 am start so am just catching up now. Sorry to hear you've broken your arm Delgirl, hope it heals quickly and you're not in too much pain. Happy Birthday to Michelle, hope you're enjoying your day. We have had a dull overcast day, and it's now not stopping to rain.
  4. Hi all, Hope you are all keeping well. I've not been able to get on here for the past month as my laptop died on me and just too many posts to catch up on. So have I missed anything important? As some of you know I started my new job at the beginning of June in Carbis Bay, just before the G7 summit. I now work in a hotel opposite Tregenna Castle so you can imagine the fun I had getting into work!! Long route round to get through Carbis Bay and then get through the check points. I was working until 11 am some nights on my own and hubby was worried about it. I was probably in one of the most secure parts of the country and all the residents were police. It has been hectic as the hotel had also just come out of receivership and then opened to the public and went live online straight afterward the G7. Here's a few photos.
  5. Sorry to hear about all your family's accidents. I hope they all make a speedy recovery.
  6. I do have a lot of books downloaded on my iPad but find that the light on the screen makes it more difficult to read outside, althoug I do prefer reading a book.
  7. Morning to you all. Not too good down here, has been raining but has now stopped. Still not warming up as only getting to 13/14oC tops. We do not have any wind or even a breeze, and I can't remember the last time it was so still. Where is this summer weather that they keep promising, it certainly isn't coming down here!! Got my Tesco delivery booked for later today and then will be busy making deserts for the BBQ my son has planned for tomorrow. So hope our forecast for tomorrow is correct. Hope all those that have got problems with bees manage to get things sorted. Sue could you not plant a bush, tall plants or something in front of the fence?
  8. I agree with you sentiments. I would be sorry to see this thread go/move as I have got to know you all on here and have had many encouraging, supporting and kind words from everyone. Was wall to wall sunshine when I got up but seems to have clouded over a bit now, but pleasant. Enjoy your day whatever you planned.
  9. Hi All, just catching up with all the posts as didn't get on here yesterday as wasn't feeling well. Glad to hear that Kalos and Michelle are feeling better and Graham's appointment went well. The G7 Summit is beginning to have an impact down here already. I had an interview near St. Ives this morning, and although I had allowed plenty of time, I arrived with little time to spare. The traffic was being held up with losts of police and who were using sniffer dogs to check the drains. If is like this now I am not looking forward to the actual Summit taking place!! I have got the job 😊 so will need my passport to get to work. At least it will be used for something this year🤣
  10. Sorry to hear about Michelle. I hope she makes a speedy recovery. Our paramedics do a good job and unfortunately get very little praise.
  11. I am another contender. I sound good in my head, but the notes that come out of my mouth are a different matter, so my family tell me!! 🤣
  12. Morning everyone. Good luck Graham and Kalos on your hospital appointments. OH has a video appointment next week, that should be fun trying to connect!! We didn't watch Eurovision, although we used to watch years ago, until it got too political. Windy still down here with showers and thnder forecast. When it rains it is torrential, just hope nobody gets caught in one of the showers or they will be drowned in seconds flat. Hope everyone has a good day.
  13. It is going to be docked in Falmouth docks and I did hear that the bars wouldn't be open. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/g7-summit-cornwall-cruise-ship-5429632 Just bear a thought for those of us that live and work in the area as it is going to be chaos with road closures, having to provide ID, etc.
  14. It is quiet here this morning. Hope everyone's well and just busy. What awful night we had, torrential rain and gale force winds. Sun is shining this morning and there's it's still a bit breezy, but a big improvement over yesterday's weather. Eldest daughter said she would call in later. Take care and stay safe.
  15. Thanks for the link, I have bookmarked it for future use. I have used Toms Port Guides many times and found them very useful. I had the ones I needed downloaded on my tablet and was able to share the information with people on our dining room table. I hope all is well with Tom and thank him for all the work that has gone into the guides.
  16. There are also roadworks between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross on the A30, which is a bottleneck at the best of times!! Good luck.
  17. Weather is not nice down here either. It's dry at present but heavy showers are forecast, as for the wind it's even stronger than yesterday! I went to visit my mother yesterday, it was good to see her again after such a long time. We had a good chat face to face and a long awaited hug. Nothing planned for today, and with this weather I think I would have changed them! Take care, stay safe and enjoy your day.
  18. You could bring some nice weather with you🤞 Good luck in the roadworks!!
  19. It's not nice down here today. It's wet and blowing a gale. Plant pots in the garden have been blown over, it's not a day to venture out, although I am off out later to visit my Mum. I haven't been round since Boxing Day. Lovely photos Graham and Purdey. Glad you both enjoyed your meals. Stay safe and enjoy your day.
  20. I was disappointed, possibly because of all the hype ? Cider not Champagne! When is a ship christened/named with cider?
  21. Kalo - sorry to hear you and your wife have been ill. I know the feeling of pains in the head although mine tend to be more of a stabbing pain and my head is often sore to the touch and painkillers not working but I know mine is the result of an operation. I am not a medical expert but may I suggest you get it checked out? Take care.
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