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  1. You Tube stream cast it to TV.
  2. I am as well. I wish I was there. Can't wait to see the inside now
  3. Lovely pictures. I'm watching the live stream on TV.
  4. I know they are sister ships, but I prefer Ventura. The first time I went into the cabin on Azura I got the impression that it was smaller🙄
  5. Same weather that P&O had for the 175th Grand Event!!
  6. Good to see you. Hope the rain holds off for you.
  7. Just watching her here https://www.isleofwight.com/webcams/ryde/
  8. Morning everyone. Been up a couple of hours as couldn’t sleep. Showers down here for today. Probably watch Iona sail into Southampton via web cams, but nothing planned. Stay safe and have a good day.
  9. I am up too and have just checked her location. Watched Britannia sail in past Cowes.
  10. Oh dear. Hope he's not too bad. When little ones are poorly all they want is Mummy. Wishing him well.
  11. Hi all, Another windy day in this neck of the woods and partially sunny. We seem to be having a lot of windy weather lately🙄 Should be thankful that it's dry and temp is the same as last few day. Sarah, I hope your grandson's sleepover goes well, but I am sure you will enjoy the time he's with you. I've not another day of nothing, althoughas my son is planning on having a BBQ at the Bank Holiday weekend so will make a turnabout trifle to take as a dessert as it's one of the family favourites. Take care everyone and enjoy the weekend.
  12. I agree with you, I have bought quite a few dresses from there. The last one was for my daughter's wedding last March. Our local store didn't reopen after the first lockdown meaning our nearest store was Plymouth and I haven't ventured that far since!
  13. My first evening dress was a bagain from Debenhams at £43 reduced from £120! I also go another from Tesco's in the sale and by the time an online discount was taken off and staff discount I paid the grand total of £18.
  14. I have been wondering what fits, but as we aren't due to go on a cruise until January next year I have time to loose some weight. Says she, hopefully🤞
  15. Morning everyone. Sunny and dry here, with not wind for a change, although there is a fair bit of cloud cover and warmer than yesterday. Temps are creeping up we have 12oC expected to get to 13oC. Have had two phone calls one after the other so far this morning. Shopping is due to be delivered this morning too but other than that nothing exciting is planned for today. Take care and hope you all have a nice day.
  16. Thanks for the video. It bought back happy memories of my cruise on Ventura. We too had a cabin on D deck and an enjoyable meal in Sinhu. Look forward to seeing more videos.
  17. A bright and sunny morning down here, just into double figures, and supposed to stay sunny all day. We had a family of sparrows on our lawn yesterday. Mum and Dad looking for worms and then feeding them to the youngsters. I stood watching them from the window until something scared them off. Another day of nothing doing, but hope everyone enjoys their day.
  18. That's as maybe but I, and I know a lot of others, that don't have an alternative!
  19. We will be getting a paper letter as I do not have wifi on my phone when I'm out and about.
  20. Why do things like this always happen at weekends? Glad you managed to get it sorted. Good luck with BG tomorrow.
  21. Morning all, a dry, windy day but the sun keeps trying to get through. Taken my daughter for a covid test before her hospital appointment next week. She doesn't drive so has no other way of gettting there. I drove past the test centre on my way into Truro to pick her up, then back out again and as it is in the middle of nowhere on a dual carriage way it meant I had to drive past it again up to the next roundabout and back down. Trying to get out again onto the dual carriage way is also a nightmare. Anyway rant over! With regard shoes I too go for comfort. The shoes I wear most often are Loretta and I did have a pair of fly flot boots until the started leaking. I am also a fan of fit flops and have few pairs. On formal nights I normally wear a pair of sling back sandals with wedges. Well it was morning when I started typing!!
  22. Depends on what we are doing. If we have and excursion and need to be up early we will order room service so we can have breakfast, get ourselves sorted and go. Going ashore independently we go when we are ready normally between 10 and 11ish.
  23. I will also be ringing to request a letters as I do not have a data package on my phone neither does my husband.
  24. I always have some sort of biscuits/cereal bars. Normally need them on the journey home as catering on the trains leaves a lot to be desired! Other than than Toiletries Torch Sewing Kit Super glue Zip lock/closeable plastic bags First Aid Kit
  25. Hi all been lurking for a few days. Sorry to read about all the falls that people have had but good to hear that you're all recovering. Tipping it down with rain here as well as being misty, windy and chilly. Not nice. Had my second jab this morning at the GP's surgery. Well organised although did have to queue in the rain, left home and was back again in 25 minutes.
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