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  1. We sailed on the Anthem in March, definitely a little cool the 1st day out and the last day back. We went to Port Canaveral so water not too bad once you pass Cape Hatteras. The Anthem was built for cooler weather so there are more indoor pools and entertainment areas. I probably would not choose March again, we had to bring too many clothes for the wide temperature ranges. March in NJ could be in anywhere from the 30's to the 60's. We did not go out on our balcony until we got to Port Canaveral.
  2. I would have defined Loyalty a little differently. I think it is a word used by companies to attempt to create personal relationships to increase business. Many companies including Royal spend millions on Loyalty programs that create something similar to "golden handcuffs" with their customers. Discounts, free drinks, special lounges, special events, etc. Unfortunately, Royal does not value a customer until they reach Diamond. As for the customer, each has to weigh any negative treatment against the perks they would miss if they moved their business to another line. If the pain of the negative treatment is less than the pleasure of the perks, they will remain until the treatment reaches a threshold where the perks are not worth it anymore.
  3. Medicare Supplement F is not longer available to new enrollees. It has been replaced with Supplement G and has a limit on international travel of $50K.
  4. How in the world were you able to eat all that food even with 8 of you? That's nearly 4 dinners person. Do you normally order 4 entrees each in the MDR?
  5. If you are only looking for Medical and Evac insurance, try GeoBlue a division of Blue Cross. I got coverage for 6 days on my last cruise for $69 for both my wife and myself. It included no deductible and $1M evacuation. However, it only covers you while you are outside the US.
  6. They can and they do, most ships have a smoking section at the pool. How do we know the OP's family did not sit near a smoking section and wasn't aware of it? The point of the OP's post was not the pot, it was the balcony smoking.
  7. Interesting, I was on the Adventure 2 weeks ago on Deck 5 (5:30pm seating) and we did not have a parade and napkin waving. We did hear horror stories from many who had My Time dinning that they had real issues with available times for dinning, the only times available were after 8:15pm and lines were long. Did you have any issues?
  8. illniwahoo, I re-read your post and see you meant that the other countries have issued warnings to their citizens against traveling to the US. I find that to be very good advice in today's environment. I would think the chances of being mugged in many urban areas of the US is about the same as Jamaica (moderately high) and I am sure I will get flamed for that remark as well.
  9. That is not accurate. Japan, New Zealand and Ireland are Level 1(Normal Precautions). Only Germany and Bahamas on your list are Level 2 (Increased Cautions) same for Mexico. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories.html/
  10. I am not speaking for myself, this is what we were told by Celebrity Cruise Line. So as for the correctness, you can take that up with Celebrity I am only reporting what I was told by the officials. Perhaps it was a hard sell by the Cruise Line to sell their excursions. I really don't know because I have never found an interest to get off the ship in Jamaica other than on an excursion. By the way, the US State Department classifies Jamaica as a "Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution" country but what do they know.
  11. It really depends on the ports and how comfortable you are finding your way around. There are some ports such as Jamaica that you should not leave the port area unless you are on a Cruise line tour. Then there are ports like Bermuda, Cape Canaveral or St. Martin where you are perfectly safe and easy to get around. I suggest going to the port section of Cruise critic and see what people are saying about each of the ports you are going to. Personally we do a mix.
  12. Yes, I am sure that RCCL put an unsafe power strip in the cabin. Perhaps I should sue them for endangering us. Will you be my expert witness?
  13. And you would be wrong. It was put there by Royal according to the cabin attendant. And if someone had left it why would they have plugged in the TV and cable into the strip?
  14. I have read many posts here regarding the lack of outlets and the banning of power strips. I just returned from the Adventure of the Seas and was pleasantly surprised based on previous posts. I was staying in a GS and realize not all cabins are created equally but comparing to previous GS, the Adventure had plenty of outlets including a power strip already in room (see picture below). There were (2) 110V outlets and (2) 220V outlets on the desk. There was (1) outlet on the peninsula counter, (1) on the left side of the sofa and (3) 110V outlets on the right side of the sofa. In (1) of the outlets on the right side there was a power strip where the TV and Cable was plugged in leaving (2) outlets open. Therefore there was a total of (8) open 110V outlets and (2) 220V outlets. This was far more outlets than I needed. The plug in the middle is my USB charger. Also note that the power strip was grounded.
  15. It will depend on when you booked. If it was before June 1st it is unlikely it will be combinable with RCCL OBCs but will be combinable with TA's. If you booked after June 1st most RCCL OBCs are also combinable.
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