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  1. No one gets fined for showing proof,, they are going to fine the Cruise Line for asking only. Desantis said he WILL enforce the fine. I see no reason why he wouldn't unless the courts remove the executive order.
  2. Sorry if this was asked already. If we are in a Grand Suite and are are Diamond, will we get the 4 vouchers to be used anywhere throughout the day plus unlimited drinks in the Suite Lounge during happy hour?
  3. "Although Florida law prohibits businesses from asking patrons if they have been vaccinated, there is nothing stopping the cruise lines from having passengers volunteer the information. Celebrity Cruises is telling passengers 16 years old and older that if they choose not to volunteer proof of vaccination, they will be treated as if they are unvaccinated and be required to follow CDC guidelines for masks and social distancing as well as be subjected to COVID-19 testing — at additional cost." This is the same as how Royal is handling. This means they can not guarantee they will mee
  4. I am not a Carnival cruiser but I understand that they will not sail out of Florida until July (other than possible test cruises) and have not announced how they will deal with Desantis' rules. As I said they do have the option to require vaccine proof and pay the $5000 per passenger fine or wait to challenge in court when Florida sues for the payment of the fines. That would be a big risk.
  5. Texas did sign a new law to penalize companies who require vaccine proof. But the difference is the law states an exception when the company is following federal law. Florida interrupts the CDC guidelines as "out of the CDC's jurisdiction" so they are not waiving the new law for cruise lines. However, there is a law suit going on the issue. So you will need to check frequently and if it really makes a difference try to get a refundable fare.
  6. For Royal to disregard Florida's executive order, they would have to pay $5,000 per passenger that they ask for proof of vaccination. I am sure they felt that adding $5,000 to each person's fare would not go over well. So the really did not have a choice in the matter other than moving all their cruises out of Florida, I think would have been a better solution to put a squeeze on the Governor pocketbook. But as a stockholder, I understand their decision to stay and remove the requirement of showing vaccination proof. I do think that the state of Florida should be financially responsible for
  7. In the event of an outbreak among the unvaccinated passengers, the state of Florida should be liable for reimbursing the cruise line and all non sick passengers for expenses incurred to deal with any outbreak and refunds for the cruise fare.
  8. I am afraid repeating it more will be to no avail. In my experience with anti-vaxxers I have seen one of 2 traits. 1) they do not believe the virus exists or is not harmful so they do not see a possibility that the cruise (or anything else in their lives) will be impacted by a non-existent virus. They obviously missed the horrific cruises of last spring. 2) they believe their freedom of choice trumps any benefits to the community and feel zero responsibility to their fellow man, therefore asking you to stay home so their freedoms are not impacted is perfectly within reason.
  9. Yes, RCI asked Florida for an exemption since the CDC was requiring but the governor refused. Now the state of Florida is suing the CDC claiming the CDC does not have authority to make those requirement. It sounds like RCI believes the CDC will lose.
  10. Today RCCL announced they will sail out of Florida without a mask mandate due to Florida's $5000 fine per passenger for asking for proof of vaccination. As a fully vaccinated passenger I am not fearful that I will get covid from another passenger but I do have some other concerns: 1) If a covid outbreak occurs among the unvaccinated passenger how will the vaccinated passengers be impacted? For example will the ports not allow disembarking or will there be lock downs or will masks be required throughout the ship for all passengers? 2) They state that unvaccinated passengers will hav
  11. We sailed on the Anthem in March, definitely a little cool the 1st day out and the last day back. We went to Port Canaveral so water not too bad once you pass Cape Hatteras. The Anthem was built for cooler weather so there are more indoor pools and entertainment areas. I probably would not choose March again, we had to bring too many clothes for the wide temperature ranges. March in NJ could be in anywhere from the 30's to the 60's. We did not go out on our balcony until we got to Port Canaveral.
  12. I would have defined Loyalty a little differently. I think it is a word used by companies to attempt to create personal relationships to increase business. Many companies including Royal spend millions on Loyalty programs that create something similar to "golden handcuffs" with their customers. Discounts, free drinks, special lounges, special events, etc. Unfortunately, Royal does not value a customer until they reach Diamond. As for the customer, each has to weigh any negative treatment against the perks they would miss if they moved their business to another line. If the
  13. Medicare Supplement F is not longer available to new enrollees. It has been replaced with Supplement G and has a limit on international travel of $50K.
  14. How in the world were you able to eat all that food even with 8 of you? That's nearly 4 dinners person. Do you normally order 4 entrees each in the MDR?
  15. If you are only looking for Medical and Evac insurance, try GeoBlue a division of Blue Cross. I got coverage for 6 days on my last cruise for $69 for both my wife and myself. It included no deductible and $1M evacuation. However, it only covers you while you are outside the US.
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