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  1. Yes, but certain members of Congress HATE the cruise industry.
  2. I can't stand the thought of even thinking I have to wear a wrist band. I do like Disney's method of having one card for your hotel, the parks, and the ships. I also like their method of moving your luggage from you room to the ship. From the airport to your hotel. From your stateroom to the airport. Walking onto and off their ships thinking you're the only one doing it.
  3. There'sgot to be a reason they haven't rolled out these menus fleet wide. I can only gather the feedback is not good, and that feedback should continue. I too like daily menus.
  4. ^^^THIS> In any case, it always pays to call and let THEM tell you your options. I had to do that once, and I did get money back, however, it was not any kind of restricted fare. They're not ogres. They WILL see what they can do for you. To simply do a no show, you have ZERO options.
  5. Why? I put my 6 year old in her own cabin, as our cabin had a max of 2. It was however adjoining, but I understand you can have older in their own cabin as long as it's within a couple of cabins of the parents.
  6. That concept sailed 10 years ago, right into RCCL. Even a mini "Oasis" wouldn't work.
  7. Oh, and yes Coki Beach is well known as a location for drug sales, thefts, and gang violence.
  8. Who knows. It seems many have forgotten history. I keep hearing and reading people saying 54 years of an embargo didn't work. HUH? Castro was intending on invading all of Latin America if memory collects right. He was going to be the leader of third world countries. That didn't happen. As far as a true coup, I can only imagine who's waiting in the wings. I may have been watching too many black and white flicks lately.
  9. At that point a major coupe will ensue. Still not a fertile ground for cruisers. Almost like going to Coki on St. Thomas while the gangs are out.
  10. Not while 85% of it would go into the Castro's pocket.
  11. POTUS' deal with Castro calls for the loosening of banking, commerce and some travel. It has nothing to do with lifting the ban on mass tourism. That would require congressional approval.
  12. They have to. They're not expanding the fleet like their 2 closest competitors. First thing they should focus on is the deplorable condition of the Fantasy class, although that can be done just as easy in wet dock, or even while sailing.
  13. I guess he is ignoring the fact that there is currently no plan on any table to lift the cruising embargo from the US. Small detail. Still at least 20 years away.
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