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  1. Has terminal J at the port of Miami reopened for Regent and others? And are reservations needed to park a vehicle at the adjacent parking facility? Thank you for your input.
  2. We also are on the 28 Jan Explorer- have registered for the meet and mingle
  3. Another query. I'm in an F2 (809) on Explorer. Regent says they will provide distilled water. Is there a US outlet bedside, or must I bring an extension cord or an adapter for the wall plug? If so, what kind? Thanks again.
  4. Other than a larger suite/balcony, what are the concierge amenities?
  5. Bill, BZ or thanks for being a guru. Another query, we have option to move to F2 906 port side from F2 809. Deck plan shows a void above it.Concerned about possible overhead noise. TA doesn't know. Got an inkling?
  6. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. Hope it's been rectified. Wife may consider that type of noise a better alternative than my snoring if my CPAP machine can't be set up.
  7. Thank you for the confirmation. Will do.
  8. War department and I are booked on Explorer 28 Jan 14 day Miami-Miami. We are gold Seven Seas types but have not cruised for over 5 years. Plus I've been accused of losing brain cells to bourbon. Ergo, need an update. I understand Miami port terminal J is under renovation. Will this be done by next Jan? No info on port website. If not at J, where? Parking? Is there still a block party? We are in F2-809 and even UN Bills excellent reviews have no mention of this cabin. Anyone been in it? Last experience was 5 years ago on Navigator-my favorite ship until they eliminated the cigar lounge. Had a problem with room set-up. After 2d day of cruise leaving Quebec City I released my strangle hold on the asst HotelMgr and set up was made. He/she said I should always have my TA call in room preferences as it has more authority than waiting until aboard. Still true? 2 days without Wild Turkey is 2 days too long. Walking down hallways with a drink in my hand is probably why I never made general.That episode I can laugh about now, but it wasn't funny then. Any help/insight will be appreciated. There is no roll call and it appears , although early, this cruise may not be fully booked. Any thoughts on an upgrade? I appreciate the collective wisdom you folks have.
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