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  1. Bruno, I've enjoyed reading your comments on CC and am sorry it hampered your experience on the cruise. I'm glad you have a diagnosis and hope it resolves quickly. I'm a retired dental hygienist and know all too well how any oral problems can make one miserable. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  2. Passports for Seattle departures are highly recommended but not required this year. A certified birth certificate is one of the acceptable documents in lieu of a passport. We were on the August 21 sailing, and one of our travel companions had not received his passport in time. He had no problem with the alternative documents.
  3. No need to apologize. I just wanted to clarify.
  4. We had an aft balcony on deck 7 on the Aug 21 sailing. We had a lot of sun, when it was out, of course! We were lucky that the weather was very good most days.
  5. My sister got AstraZeneca in England and had no problem boarding the NA August 21 sailing.
  6. That's what I said, that I don't remove or reduce them, so the answer to my question is yes.
  7. We would never think of removing the gratuity charges from the pool. Are you saying as long as we individually have not removed them, then they can keep their tips?
  8. I guess we were lucky. We had great stewards and no squatters. I can see where the warm weather cruises would be more of a problem. We too enjoyed the privacy and the fact it provided less contact time with other cruisers in the time of Covid. It definitely is pricey, but we will try to budget for it for our future cruises.
  9. We didn't have that problem on ours. Were you in the Lido or Retreat cabanas? In the retreat area there are ropes blocking off the entrances, and our stewards knew everyone.
  10. What some people may not know is that any prepaid gratuities or anything extra that comes out of your onboard account goes to the general pool, to be split up among all the crew. When you tip with cash directly to the crew, they get to keep it. We always tip each room steward at least $20; this time we did $50 each. We did the same for the two stewards at our retreat cabana. Throughout the week we have gotten to know them and hear their stories about families left behind. Although we are far from rich, we want to help them in any way we can because of the sacrifices they make and also for their great service.
  11. We reserved a family retreat cabana. It's for four people and is in a corner. I'll post photos too. Most of them are for two people. We paid $549 in advance for the whole week. The ones for two people are less. If available, you can book by the day while you're onboard. Unlike the Lido cabanas that are poolside on deck 9, the retreat cabanas are on deck 11 across from the explorations cafe. They are totally private, as no one can enter if they haven't reserved. They are open air but have curtains for total privacy if desired. We were offered free mimosas, free specialty water, and brought snacks whenever requested and even when not requested. We could order food whenever we wished. Ian and Christian were always checking to see what we needed. We had blankets and towels. There is an open area where we could lounge if we left the cabana. It was totally worth it. We were pampered. Pictures coming.
  12. We just got off the NA. Almost all the passengers were masked, as were we. One thing that made us feel safer was getting a family retreat cabana. We were very well taken care of by Ian and Christopher. They got us anything we wanted. It was nice to have a private area to limit contact with others.
  13. Fair warning on the Have it All promotion. On our Alaska sailing that we just got off from, it seemed that most of the passengers had the promotion. Booking for the restaurants opened up on July 7 for our Aug 21 departure. Time slots filled up quickly for all the restaurants, even Rudi's Sel de Mer which is not on the promotion. The more popular excursions booked quickly too. I would recommend booking early, even if you don't have credits on your account. For our excursions, when we got on board, we were able to transfer them to our onboard account and credit our CC. The account breaks down the refundable and nonrefundable credits. Purchases onboard are taken out of the nonrefundable credits first.
  14. We were in an aft veranda cabin. There was no nightlight, only a little red light by the switch outside the door where you have to insert your key card to turn any of the lights on. I would highly suggest bringing a small flashlight on board. In our aft cabin, when you open the closet, it's very dark and hard to see your clothes, even with the other cabin lights on.
  15. We were lucky to have great weather most of the week. One day was pretty cold, but it didn't dampen our enjoyment. You are right; Ian and Christian were wonderful.
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