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  1. Thanks Kat. I will work on your suggestions. I did not get the notification that you replied so I got a problem and I will follow your steps to work it out. Dixe Lee
  2. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I am not receiving my email notifications for threads that I am following. When on CC website I have alert of notifications indicated by the bell but my email notifications are not coming. I have verified my email address, my subscriptions and I don’t know what has happened. Any help?
  3. Will have to do more research on these. I see that some cruise lines allow a search for the repositioning cruises specifically and some don’t. Not planning on taking one this year or next but once we retire (we both just turned 63) we would definitely be interested.
  4. Sounds like repositioning and transatlantic are not one and the same? What is the best way to find a repositioning cruise?
  5. Very reassuring and positive advice. Thanks Hank!
  6. We sailed out of Southampton last year first cruise to Europe and found that we had a LOT of luggage to maneuver around since we also took a 5 day road trip after the cruise so we will definitely scale back this time Also think that there is a bit of a difference between being in an English speaking country and what we will find in Italy. A challenge we are up for but have to admit we will be relieved once on the ship and sailing away 😬
  7. Those are reasonable rates. Who arranges the shared shuttle? We would not mind at all sharing a shuttle to the port Great way to meet other people on our cruise!
  8. Being able to handle our luggage is one of the main takeaways we have gotten from all of the threads we have read on this subject so we will be packing with that in mind for sure. And your point on being on vacation and booking a fixed fare car is also well taken. Thanks for the great information and advice.
  9. It will be warm during the day maybe even hot while in port. Chilly at night while ship is sailing from one port to the next or simply sailing on a sea day so I would suggest at least one pair of jeans or long pants and a sweater or shawl. DH packs a henley and a long sleeve shirt to wear over that.
  10. We should be so lucky! That is awesomeness totally 😁 we both turn 65 in 2021 so a balcony will be a present to ourselves We usually book interior but not this cruise Going to splurge and was wondering what the chances would be of any type of upgrade Right now the balcony guarantee is less than choosing our room and since the location of the room doesn’t matter I think we will go for it. Nothing to lose and maybe a little luck will come our way. Won’t be disappointed regardless of how this turns out.
  11. Interesting Sounds like we wouldn’t get hurt and maybe get a better cabin category to boot. But if we were to end up in a balcony room at the lowest category we would not have lost anything.
  12. You are a wealth of information Thanks I think we will gamble on that.
  13. Enchantment. I was going to ask when I booked but wanted to not sound like a dummy ☺️ We never thought about this being spring break. If we book the guarantee as location of the room is not an issue will we get at least that category? Does Royal ever run out of the category booked as a guarantee?
  14. We are going to book EOS for April 3, 2021 on a Southern Caribbean itinerary. Only balcony rooms available are in the guarantee category. Why is this and what does this mean? Are all balcony rooms already booked? Should we book that? Any room with a balcony is fine with us as this is a treat and reward to us as we usually book interior; have only booked a balcony room twice. Just surprised and puzzled why we cannot pick the room when you can in the other cabin categories.
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