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  1. I had asked my TA about this also since the sign up has ended. Part of the issue if I remember correctly is that it is for cruises in 2021. Since many of those have been (fill in the blank). Not sure if a decision has been made whether to add them to the 2022.
  2. I had not read about using Ocean Medallion only. They have tracking software for your phone for exposure so it would make sense to use it on the ship. Our main concern is we have credits that will expire 5/1/22(?) so it really is cutting it close to rebook. I know its a burden for Princess to have to keep making changes and not loose customers.
  3. I called Monday as I saw that this cruise was no longer taking bookings and called Princess. They said changes were possible and we would be notified as so much was happening and nothing was firm at this time. So I was not totally surprised. I imagine its easier to do a blanket change than one at a time.
  4. We were booked to be on the Venice cruise and got the email today that it was canceled. All cruises sailing through March 31, 2021 All cruises longer than seven days sailing in and out of United States ports through November 1, 2021 I guess we fell into the category of longer than 7 days. Next is what to do with my credits. They expire 5/22. But Princess is unable to sail so I am unable to use them. Now I will have more credits of some type.
  5. I kept my original gift cards that I printed out when I purchased them. I have received my refunds from a Back to Back cruise, part was refunded to my credit card and the rest were on the gift cards. I have a cruise booked for late next year and I reused the gift cards and pin numbers on that. All that was owed to my by Princess has been returned.
  6. We received our refund for April cruise, part went to gift cards and part on credit card. Also 25% and 50% FCD shows in our personalizer.
  7. We did Paris on your own but it was several years ago. Warnings about Pick Pockets are very true. Rick Steves has some good info about it. Also it matters what day of the week you go, as Saturday when we were there was crazy busy. A couple who road up with us wanted to see the Orsay Museum and never got through the line. We took the underground and walked to see the sites and did not attempt to go into any of them. We did return and spend 4 days in Paris. I am happy we did Paris on your own.
  8. Some people placed books on tables near the steak house and piano area. Kind of take a book leave a book when we did the transatlantic. I had brought a few old paperbacks that I left since so much of what I read is now on kindle or audio.
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