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  1. disappointed.. cruises are from sept to jan and leave from texas-new orleans-one miami- sc - baltimore i was looking for tampa or port carnival guess i will have to pass
  2. I did the same put one on hold so then I went to the online form and filled it all out and wouldnt let me do it said I had to call if problems thinking it is because not actually booked just on hold not sure what i will do next as phone lines are crazy busy
  3. Iam sure it will be cancelled but will I be offered another one at a different time do you think? I dont want to have to go on another premier to qualify all over again nor do I think I should have to what do you all think?
  4. great! good for you - I dont have much luck on those either
  5. has anyone won yet? I play everyday no luck
  6. i've been playing everyday also- No luck !
  7. on the breeze dose anyone know if cash is given at the cage if you got $500 free play ? instead of loading onto your casino bank
  8. I think this was a scam I havent heard of anyone winning and today is the last day for the spin
  9. thanks.. I know on some ships there were not set up for loading onto you credit slot play and just gave you cash wondered as first time on the Breeze
  10. dose anyone know if they give free play or cash I know some ships do ? it is on an ultra cruise in April
  11. 1 day and very excited as you can tell Iam still up at 3:25am !
  12. I appreciate you trying to calm me down so will see what tomarrow brings
  13. hope not a threat to mobile get there on the 15th and leave on the ship the 16th I am starting to be nervous
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