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  1. Like any customer facing business, those in charge should regularly perform "secret shopper" and/or "undercover boss" checks. Stay on the line for a week, live and breath what customers across all package types or cabin class experience for good and for bad. Likelihood is the type of madness you have given examples of are unbeknownst to the decision makers but will be common knowledge to the bar staff and servers who, based on culture, probably feel they don't have a voice.
  2. Firstly, you should never allow anyone's opinions (especially those online, dare I say trolls) let you think you are below them or anyone else. Secondly, the reasons you booked the cruise; needing a break, seeing new things, chasing sun, experience a gorgeous ship, reconnecting with a partner etc. are all still valid regardless of what anyone on this board says, don't forget that. Lastly, MSC offer a fantastic product for excellent value, I am sure you will have a great time, but if you allow your mindset, because of your experience on this board, to tell you that you are going to "have a lousy time" then as sure as fate you will have a lousy time. Delete your CC account, ignore the negative vibes and go have a blast...simples
  3. Does anyone happen to have a copy of or a link to the Yacht Club Wine List? Thanks
  4. Wife and I, both in early 30's and had only ever sailed Celebrity until January this year when we sailed on MSC Seaside around Eastern Caribbean. The value for money vs Celebrity was incredible. We went Yacht Club which as previously stated is an exclusive area of this ship only for YC guests it includes; a YC pool & bar area, YC sundeck, YC reception/concierge, 24hr butler service, premium drinks package, YC Top Sail Lounge and YC only restaurant. We loved it, I agree the food was not quite on par with Celebrity, and I include the selection of wines on offer in that, what they class as "premium" I wouldn't - however perfectly good wines were available, and we did not have a bad meal at any stage. That aside, we had probably our best ever cruise, the vibe and service in YC was amazing, so relaxed, quiet with your every need catered for. We often ventured outside the YC and I do think I would struggle had I not had the haven of the YC to retreat to, as the rest of the ship can be quite crowded and "lively" - which we enjoy - but also enjoy being able to escape and unwind. The Seaside ship is gorgeous and I cannot disagree strongly enough on some of the comments made on staff, we found every one of them to be extremely pleasant and attentive, that said we are not the type of people who let one bad experience or one wrong plate of food or drink tarnish a holiday!! My wife cruise once a year (max!),, if not every second year and like you were very cautious about swapping lines and taking a risk, but we are glad we did and are now booked up on MSC Seaview for June 20 around the Med in the Yacht Club. If you can get a decent price and you are used to Celebrity but looking to broaden your horizons then all I can say is our only experience on MSC didn't disappoint, a great balance of tranquility, service, food, fun, entertainment and all at a far more reasonable price that Celebrity.
  5. "4. Is it worth getting the wifi package for 1 phone, does the ship have public wifi in places. I'm self-employed, so whilst I enjoy getting away from it, I also need to be contactable at some point" I have never used the WiFi package on-board however, if you are from the UK or anywhere in the EU you'll be able to use your phone in Spain, Italy, France etc and consume your data/mins attached to your normal package at no extra cost due to EU Roaming (Brexit will likely ruin this perk!! 🤬). Because you will be in the in the Med and there are no sea days I'd say that other than overnight sailings between ports when you're at sea you'll get a signal the vast majority of the time without having to fork out for the wifi package. When docked, as the ship will be most of your waking day you'll get a signal from the land masts just fine, even from the ship without having to seek out wifi spots on-board, plus use your phone when roaming around your port destination.
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