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  1. This is interesting... We're also booked on the Feb 29th cruise and we kept getting an upgrade offer to either Neptune or Pinnacle suite. 3 offers so far. I asked my PCC if these offers are computer generated/automated email and he said no and they are being sent from the inventory department.
  2. I don't really know where they think we can embark/disembark at this point. And where exactly we're going when both Taiwan and Japan are refusing the ship. I wish HAL will stop fooling around already.🥵
  3. I just received this email.....This is for the Feb 29 Dear Valued Guest: We look forward to welcoming you on board Westerdam for our now round-trip Yokohama (Tokyo) voyage. We continue to closely monitoring the evolving situation with respect to the new coronavirus that originated in mainland China and wish to reassure you that our medical experts are coordinating closely with global health authorities. For more information, please see the updated Guest Health Advisory attached to this letter. Please be advised that guests who have traveled fro
  4. Just received one too to the tune $4299/person to Pinnacle Suite!! Seriously?? I was waiting for cancellation email and not some ridiculous upgrade offer🙄
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check out some hotels in the downtown area.
  6. Can anyone suggest a decent/nice hotel near the Wusongkou port for an overnight stay prior to our cruise? I've tried searching a lot of hotels but most of them are about 45-60 minutes away from the port. Thanks in advance!
  7. Not when we're only leaving from Shanghai right? I think the OP was doing the 28 day cruise so they need to get a Visa...We're only doing the 14 day cruise from Shanghai to Hong Kong
  8. Thanks for the info Betty! We'll sure to ask for the 72 hr TWOV. Maybe we'll see you onboard :)
  9. We'll be on the Westerdam cruise Feb 29-March 14, If we are arriving in Shanghai on Feb 28 and the ship doesn't leave Shanghai until March 1, do we need a Visa? Thanks!
  10. I've used it twice each for both of us on different occasions ( 2 different promo dates that is). Hubby got a total of $250 and I got a total of 20K points. WE both have 2 different cards. One credit posted in July and another one this month, so maybe every 6 months?
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