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  1. Affirmative - you don't wan't to be anywhere close to those lines if they part. Not a pleasant experience and something never forgotten.
  2. We prefer May/June and you will spend more time in Alaska if you cruise from Vancouver or Seward/Whittier.
  3. Tough question to answer, as it depends significantly on the routing and any weather issues in the vicinity that could impact the route. Bermuda is only about 5 degree of latitude (300 n/mls) south of the Azores, so if steering a Rumb Line the courses will generally be WSW to WxS, or almost towards the setting sun. The port side will have more sun throughout the day. However, if you initially head South, sunrise will be port side and sunset stbd side. If you had to head back NW to reach Bermuda, the opposite would be true.
  4. So true Jim. A proper WC is just so different from the ones that have a small proportion on for the duration and then they fill the ship with B2B2B's. That's when you really get to know the crew and fellow pax.😁🍺
  5. Tom - you are correct. The initial cruises from Portmouth were only for UK residents. Even though we still own UK property and I travel on a UK passport, we could not book one of those cruises. In these times, it was a business decision to minimise risk. Having a cruise cancelled is always a frustration, but like you, unless I know all the facts, I wouldn't be writing-off the cruise line. Yes, it is easy to blame Viking, but cruise planning & scheduling is highly complex and is normally completed at least 2 years ahead. Many factors, most of which are outside the control of the company, impact a cruise line's ability to alter an itinerary at short notice. In addition to the number of ships vying for ports and the other marine challenges, we also have frequently changing Govt COVID directives, in the ports we visit. I suggest it is highly unlikely that Viking will write-off the business from one of their 3 primary markets, without good and valid reasons. However, from a customer service perspective, the customer is due a reasonable explanation.
  6. Viking Star has departed Bermuda, bound for Freeport, Bahamas ETA 23rd Sept. My guess is going to Grand Bahamas Shipyard for some pre-World Cruise work
  7. Correct. Failure to follow the lawfull order of the ship's Master, with respect to safety of navigation, will have you disembarked at the next port. First knock and notification is most likely a cabin steward. If the lights/curtains aren't rectified, the next one is probably Security.
  8. Don, Totally agree. If you really want to see the Inside Passage of BC and Alaska, a ferry is the best option.
  9. I completed 2 consective Alaska seasons and in September the weather changed every week. Could be warm with clear skies 1 week and the next a 70 kt storm.
  10. Not much happening ashore at 07:00, so I figure about 4 to 4.5 useable hours. They have to account for the hours in Victoria and the extra distance to/from Seattle.
  11. Janet - We have used them a few times up in Osoyoos, when wine/beer tasting with Ron & Alison and Deb & Munro. We showed our passports and they had their Provincial/State vaccine cards. No issues at any business. We only go to a business that is checking passports. If they don't ask for them, we leave.
  12. Hi Janet - I can't read the QR Code on my laptop, so not sure what info that contains. Since I don't have a cell phone, I have it saved on my laptop and will print when we get home. I'm also expecting a few change with the flights between now and December. Once our TA booked the flights, I noted the Business flights had doubled in cost. We are going to stay with Economy for now and check the upgrade price at the airport.
  13. While a potential positive step, we await a decision from the US CDC as to what they consider fully vaccinated. If they only accept US approved vaccines, it still eliminated a large percentage of the World's population, many who have other WHO approved vaccines. If the US only accepts FDA approved vaccines, I will be unable to enter the US come November, although at present I can fly in with a negative test. I also have a Provincial Vaccine Passport showing me as fully vaccinated.
  14. Affirmative, this was a common manoeuvre in Valletta. The anchor was also used in Port Said when docking at the "Snake" and in Acapulco.
  15. Geostationary satellites are located above the Equator at an altitude that rotates the earth every 24hrs, so appear stationary. The INMARSAT sats, which many ships use are all geostationary.
  16. The "Inside Passage" extends from south of Seattle to Skagway and is mostly fairly narrow channels. You cruise departs Seattle, so it will exit the Inside Passage at Juan de Fuca, which is the US?Canada border. It will then proceed North up the West Coast of Vancouver Island. You are in ocean ocean, far enough offshore that you may only see the tops of the mountains. In Alaska, you will probably transit most of the Inside Passage between Ketchikan and Skagway; however, a considerable portion of this is at night. Comments Tracy Arm - due to ice in the water you have very low probability of seeing the glacier. I have worked full Alaska seasons and only made it to the glacier once. If glaciers are a priority, this is not a great cruise Juneau - early departure doesn't provide a great shore experience Ketchikan - very early departure, provides minimal time ashore Victoria - if heavy weather in Pacific Ocean your arrival can be late.
  17. Prior to approaching the dock, a prudent Master will always walk at least 1 anchor out and have it ready for letting go, rather than dropping it from the Hawse Pipe in an emergency. Even when walked out it makes noise. I have also docked at a number of berths around the World, where we have also used an anchor.
  18. We also have a Provincial Vaccine Passport in British Columbia. They were introduced a couple of weeks ago and are mandatory for access to restaurants, pubs, sporting events, gyms, etc. You can upload to a phone or print a copy. It includes your name and a QR Code.
  19. So true. Pre-COVID (YVR-LHR) we had BA B-747's about 8 months per year and A-380's during the summer. The First cabin and service on the A-380 was vastly superior to the very tired B-747's.
  20. Viking haven't sailed in US Waters since they resumed operations, but you can check the threads for cruises from UK, Bermuda, Malta and Iceland.
  21. The normal tap water we used in Science class was neutral with a pH of about 7.5. From memory, distilled water has a pH of about 5, which is something I recall from my shifts in the E/R treating the boiler feed water.
  22. We used the desk drawer for the same thing. However, I set up my laptop on the desk, but it was no issue picking it up for access. Also kept the carafe of water and glasses behind the laptop, so only 1 thing to move. When DW wanted to use the mirror, I unplugged the laptop and moved it.
  23. Yes, we used Luggage Forward on the last cruise, shipping 1 bag each. Left the house about 3 weeks before the cruise and arrived in the cabin shortly after we embarked.
  24. This is common practice on all passenger ships. The crew must access the balconies to keep the areas washed down and clean. At any time, if you want privacy, close the blackout curtains. Yes, Viking does normally promulgates information in the Viking Daily when the crew are cleaning the balconies.
  25. Here is another ranking from Travel & Leisure, based on scores from actual pax. Oceania did improve 2 places from last year, but they are still 6th, just above Cunard, HAL and Costa. https://www.travelandleisure.com/worlds-best/large-ocean-cruise-ships
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