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  1. That would be an interesting cruise. Too bad it is so hard for us to get away in October.
  2. Assuming they give us plenty of warning. The prices are jumping.
  3. Carnival has NOT cancelled the other ships. They just are not allowing any additional bookings. We are booked on a b2b out of Charleston. It doesn't look good for either cruise but I have land based plans (airbnb) prior to the b2b. Our fallback plan is potentially Iceland or Greece.
  4. It looks like they reviewed that page yesterday according to the site. Not sure if any changes were made to any wording.
  5. No one, especially the CDC, wants to own a potentially bad outcome. They are making the rules incredibly burdensome to protect themselves. We may all ultimately want to just get back to cruising but it is going to be a slow a painful start with very few cruisers without complaints of some sort. If people would just play nice in the sandbox, we can get closer to normalcy. All it will take is one highly publicized outbreak or suspected outbreak on a cruise ship to shut it all down for a very long time.
  6. We have two cruises booked for July and received similar emails for each a few weeks ago. I'm doubtful our cruises will sail.
  7. @SNJCruiser I am really confused why you quoted me.
  8. Federal law overrules any state level laws or executive orders. States do not have the power to interfere in international travel.
  9. I have been to Key West once but not on a cruise ship. It really wasn't all that impressive. There are so many other nice welcoming areas to visit when focused on a US location. We will be avoiding any cruise that ports there.
  10. @firefly333 If you read the page completely, they are not open at all for cruises. They have cruising as part of Phase 5 opening.
  11. Here is a link for Belize. https://www.belizetourismboard.org/news-and-gallery/belize-covid-19-update/ I am not saying that some of those countries do not have options. Some do allow for pre/post arrival testing in conjunction with quarantines. Israel appears to be the most strict. They do not ask for a vaccine card. Israel is planning to do a blood titer test.
  12. Here are just a few that require vaccinations to enter: Anguilla Barbados Belize Croatia Cyprus Ecuador Estonia Republic of Georgia Greece Guatemala Israel Iceland Montenegro Nepal Poland Seychelles Slovenia
  13. We always use our passports. We especially enjoy that we are NOT restricted to closed loop cruises or US based vacations. There are so many beautiful places to enjoy!
  14. What Florida can’t change is what other countries require for entry. Cruise ships usually hail from other countries and only dock in the US. They are not truly subject to US or Florida laws.
  15. Neither ACLU or GOP can change what other countries require for entry.
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