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  1. I've cruised 8 times and all 8 were a celebration of relaxation. In all seriousness, only one was an actual celebration - my birthday, but really, it was just a reason to get away :).
  2. Seward to Vancouver. Vancouver is an excellent place to stay after and enjoy. We have done it twice.
  3. Just booked. The videos looked great. They only had guarantees for Interior & Oceanview, but I just went for the interior.
  4. I've read horrible reviews from last year when the ship launched, but has it gotten any better with time? We want to sail next March.
  5. They were serving Tracy's Crabcakes on the ship the other day. Just felt the rumours were true since Crab Shack is on the same day we are in Juneau.
  6. Anyone have a preference or is there a difference? We are in Juneau today and people told us that Tracy's is used on-board as well.
  7. First princess cruise today on the Star Princess. The food in the dining room is awful. Not a good impression for the first night. We left our entrees on the table and had a better experience at the buffet. I also tried the pizza and it tasted closer to Royal Caribbean. Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  8. Nope. Unless you want to be squeezed together with people smoking cigars and drinking rum to watch a cabaret, go ahead. I went with family (we are Cuban) on a "land" trip to Cuba and it was probably the only part of the trip we didn't like.
  9. Book a cruise to the ABCs if you want to avoid places like Nassau.
  10. We were on the Victory last September. If you get to the dining room first thing, all the temperatures are perfect! The nights we showed up late is when things went wrong.
  11. We all know when we have something to complain about, we post about it. After reading horror stories about Choice Air, does anyone have any good experiences? We are looking at the Freedom OTS from San Juan and Choice Air is cheaper and on a better airline (American) versus having to fly Spirit.
  12. I wouldn't really focus on the ship in this case. They are all "new" compared to the rest of the fleet. The Vista/Horizon will have like the "Skyride" or the "Imax" theatre, but that's not enough to pick one ship over the other. They are both practically the same ship, just the Vista/Horizon is larger and more crowded. The "premium" to go on the Horizon or the Vista is not worth it. You will have fun on either cruise. Just pick an itineary you will enjoy the most.
  13. Vague thread. Would list options before posting as itineraries vary by week.
  14. All of the AFT dining room is used for Early and the upper floor of the MID dining room is used for Early as well. Can't help you with the table #s, but we prefer the MID dining room as less vibrations from the motors. We chose YTD for that reason as YTD is only in the MID dining room on the lower floor. You can ask for a window if you get there early enough :)!
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