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  1. Its odd they are singling out the cruise industry. I am way closer to people on planes than on a cruise but I haven't seen anything stating you have to take your temp before check in at airport, I also haven't seen anything about all inclusive resorts that have massive crowds either. Maybe it's the quarantine possibility on a cruise but I sure hope measures are being taken in other travel sectors!
  2. I like cruise cash because it's waiting for you when you board, no need to add a gift card. I usually end up doing both because we like to have more than $500 for our account. I go to guest services when there is no line to add the gift card because the kiosks don't work half the time.
  3. I was surprised we were able to dock at grand turk and Amber cove week of 2/24. The winds were making the seas pretty rough and made for an interesting journey for many for the first 2 days. We don't get sea sick so we were fine but others in our group were locked in their rooms sea sick.
  4. does anyone know if they got anymore specialty restaurants? Guys and The taco spot aren't really all that great for us but we did enjoy the Italian restaurant last month. I think Miracle only has the steakhouse. thx
  5. At least 2 weeks worth of netflix/prime/disney+, etc. downloads, extra meds as others have said and anything else you tink you need for a 3 week vacation.
  6. It is free for lunch and it's not very good BBQ so I wouldn't bother with dinner. I definitely wouldn't pay extra for it. No smoke flavor at all on the Sunrise last week so only tried it once and ended up getting the pasta from the Italian restaurant after a few bites of bad BBQ.
  7. I rarely have a price drop but do check often. West coast cruises seem to be higher and don't drop like east coast cruises. Mine on miracle Oct 31 has gone up about $80 since booking.
  8. Are there bike cabs available on the Grand Turk concrete pier when you get off the ship on Carnival? thanks.
  9. I'm not worried about getting the nova coronavirus, the flu maybe, but not the virus the media has everyone going crazy over.
  10. We always buy early bird for at least the trip back when on a cruise. Even if you have internet, there's no guarantee it will actually work at the second you need to check in on SW 24 hours in advance. Good Luck
  11. Thanks for confirming the 5 night dinner menus. I think we will stick with specialty restaurants on the sunrise cruise we have coming up. Appreciate it!
  12. None of those menus have any options to purchase upgraded steaks or lobster from the steakhouse. Does sunshine have a steakhouse? I'm thinking they are outdated but someone let us know. thanks.
  13. I couldn't find any 5 day menus anywhere that weren't more than 5 years old. Does anyone know where we could find them?
  14. Are you saying AARP only has the $100 gift cards now? I haven't used that site in a while but they had $500 ones a few years ago.
  15. We will use the HUB app check in for YTD. We aren't picky about who serves us or where the table is. We order everything wen we sit down so it can go faster. We really just want to get in and out when we go to MDR and don't need to make a connection with a serving team like some other guests have posted about.
  16. I have read if you use the HUB app for YTD, you just arrive when the app tells you to. No need to go get paper from a different deck. We will be on Sunrise on 2/22 so I will report back on my trip.
  17. me too! I was thinking hmm, what cabin would be easiest to crawl back to from Alchemy....lolol
  18. I've done a few searches and the only things that come up are really old, 2013 or 2011. I doubt those are still valid. I have no idea how to search on cruise critic, you get a bunch of garbage for search results! Maybe I will just try to search the number 5. lol
  19. does anyone have the mdr dinner menu photos for the 5 day? thanks.
  20. Does anyone have photos of the Sunrise 5 day dinner menus? I tried the search on cruise critic and google but nothing recent came up. Thanks for your help.
  21. I looked through the beverages on carnival.com and no energy drinks are listed. Does anyone know if they have rockstar or red bull? I haven't cruised since 2017 and I thought they had rockstar back then. Thank you for your help!
  22. no impact on my cruise at all. I wish there were less announcements about nonsense though so maybe it impacts me in a negative way to hear the CD....lol
  23. did you have a themed deck party on the 5 day?
  24. Most inventory systems have the recipe for every drink so they know what should be used vs what is actually used.
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