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  1. We just got off Sirena 3 days ago. We have cruised on the R ships 5 times and the O ships 3. This is the last time we will go on the R class. The food was basically good accept as others have mentioned the dinner menu in the mdr is limited. You have 6 choices other than the always available salmon, chicken and steak. One night 3 of the choices were vegetarian including a black bean burger (burger for dinner !!). One night in the Tuscan Grill my wife said her veal tasted like shoe leather. Other than that though our meals in the specialties were very good. Our biggest problem with the Sirena were the pool chairs hogs and the lack of action against them. The first sea day we went down at 10am and couldn't get a chair which was understandable. The second sea day we went down at 9am and managed to snag 2 chairs. The last sea day we were determined to get better chairs so we went down at 8am to find that there were no chairs available. Every chair had hats and books on them and no one occupying any of them. Even though Sirena has a written policy to remove items from any chair that is unoccupied for 30 minutes this was not done unless someone complained which often led to a confrontation when those chair hogs returned an hour later claiming they were only gone 15 minutes. We than went out on deck 5 to see if we could get any chairs there. They were all occupied also but there was plenty of room for additional chairs (you could easily put 50 more chairs out there). There were actually people sitting on the deck itself. We went to the concierge to request they put additional chairs out only to find out there were no more on the ship. He went out and saw for himself that people were sitting on the deck and said he would notify the head office as this was unacceptable. As long as you don't expect to sit around the pool during your cruise you should have a good time. We are going back to Seabourn.
  2. We have a $1425 OBC through our TA which is fully refundable. On a recent Seabourn cruise we had over $1000 obc which was not refundable and caused us to buy a lot of stuff from the overpriced shops which we really didn't have much use for. Refundable is the best.
  3. Not sure what the problem would be. My e-mail is not associated with an Google account. I do have a Gmail account. Maybe you can try that. It's doowopbob1947@gmail.com. Thanks for trying.
  4. Hi AlohaLivin Would appreciate a copy of your map whenever you have time. My email is bobw@valornet.com
  5. Our final documents have nothing in them that indicate how many formal nights on our 20 day cruise. Where did you see this info?
  6. That was not our experience. We had to go to the front desk and complain before we could get the wine we wanted if it wasn't the wine of the day. Asking our server did nothing. It was several years ago so maybe their policy has changed.
  7. We always do the drink package and have never had to sign a chit. You give them your card and they ring it up and give your card back. Also on Azamara the liquor included is very basic. If you want anything better you pay for it. You couldn't even get the same wine two days in a row.
  8. We were recently on Riviera. We have been on a number of cruises with Dottie and her husband Tom. We consider Dottie the best cruise director we have come across in quite a few cruises. She announces the activities for the day and than later for the evening. We certainly don't see any problem with that.
  9. Just got back from 2 week Caribbean cruise on Riviera and had no problem getting lounges on the spa deck either in the am or the afternoon.
  10. We also were on this cruise. We had a 12:20 flight. We walked out of our stateroom at 8am, picked up our bags in the terminal, were picked up by uber within minutes, arrived at the airport, checked in, went through security and were at our gate at 9am. Unfortunately than we had to wait for several hours for our flight in what I consider one of the worst airports we've ever been in.
  11. Yes they do. Just came back from cruise on Marina. For the first part they had no straws at all, then you got the paper ones which to be honest I would rather have none.
  12. Do they still have the built in DVD players in the PH on Riviera ? Looks like they have removed them on the smaller ships.
  13. Has anyone gone on the 5 day pre-cruise Alaska Denali Experience? If so can you give me an idea of the cost and if it was worth it. Also what size plane do they use to fly from Talkeetna to Anchorage. I'll never get my wife on a small plane.
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