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  1. RNRCruisers, it was a fabulous trip! I was surprised to get a response to this older trip report, but I'm glad it was helpful.
  2. Hope you keep going on this. Were you being served by the crew in the buffet?
  3. I've enjoyed reading so far and am looking forward to more.
  4. Thursday, February 6, San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami to St. Louis Got up early this morning and we are already in Puerto Rico. Joined Bro and Sil at the buffet. Sis and Bil planned to eat breakfast at the airport. Made sure I had everything packed, then walked my luggage to Bro and Sil's room to wait for the ok to disembark. Our flight isn't until 11:30 but we've heard so much about disembarkation problems in San Juan that we don't want to take any chances. Plus Bro said that when they were on the Epic before, everyone was trying to get off at once and it crea
  5. On the way back to my cabin, I noticed there were self serve cookies back in the studio lounge again. I called Bro to leave a message about checking in today for our flights and was surprised when he answered. He and Sil had canceled their excursion to Coral World. They didn't want to ride on another safari bus and spend the afternoon walking. He had tried to check in for the flight this morning but the internet had been so slow, he hadn't been successful. He still had extra minutes from the internet perk he got so he had enough for me to check in too. We set up a time to
  6. It was really nice sitting there and enjoying the scenery and the beautiful weather, especially knowing that tomorrow I would be back in winter. I finally managed to drag myself away from this lovely spot and headed back to the tramway and down. This is the entrance to the tramway. When 88 brought us, he had parked in a lot behind the building so we came in the back way. (Pirate museum is next door.) It's very close to where the ship was docked. The walk back took me through the Havensight Mall but I was ready to
  7. The views from Paradise Point were gorgeous! There were several terraces for viewing. The Carnival Conquest The Regal Princess The NCL Epic And off in the distance, the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas There were a lot of small shops here, what seemed to be local vendors although I could be wrong. I looked through the shops but nothing caught my eye except in the store with local art and what I liked was over $900. I though
  8. The large store we were in was part of the shopping experience part of the excursion. Many, many t-shirts to choose from and even Columbia sportswear. A lot of jewelry and other souvenirs too although I didn't take a picture of those. When it was time to leave, all the other safari buses seemed to have arrived. A view of them from our safari bus. There were also a lot more parked in front of us going on up the road. Once we were all on the bus, 88 gave a woman behind me what seemed to be a program of some kind, possibly from a retirement or
  9. Wednesday, February 5, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands This is the last day of the cruise. I don't want it to end, yet I'm also looking forward to going home. I didn't buy the internet package and I was really feeling out of touch. I woke up way too early again, but we were already in the process of docking, a couple of hours before the anticipated time of 8:00. The sky lightened as I got ready, then went up to take a few pictures before breakfast. That is one large shopping area. In the buffet, we can pick up o
  10. Belated thank you, Oakman58. I was surprised the barramundi was so tiny. Maybe they were afraid they'd run out so they halved the portions.
  11. One of my favorite things to do is walk on the beach. I did start out, but didn't go very far. It got too crowded. The tide was already coming in and there were times it reached to the first row of loungers. A hen was walking around with her chick. A rooster was strutting around too. I went back to our table. Sil and Bro got another beer and I got a Coke. It was cute. There were a number of vendor stalls set up between the beach and the road. It seemed we had been here j
  12. We brought our gear with us to O'Sheehan's, so we left from there to find our excursion group at the end of the pier, meeting time 12:20 although we got there a few minutes early. Most people had been smart and arranged morning tours (Sis and Bil had planned this excursion and Sis doesn't like mornings--but now they'd canceled) so there were only a few signs and easy to find the one meant for us. While we were waiting in line, the man standing in front of me said he went on an excursion yesterday to Nevis. They went on a large boat and the captain said he would signal with the
  13. Tuesday, February 4, Roadtown, Tortola The ship was pulling into Tortola this morning when I went up to the buffet for breakfast, so I took some photos before eating. Once again, beautiful weather. We docked next to another Marella ship, this time the Explorer 2. Even with the explanation of its logo, I still can't help thinking emoji when I look at it. This one even seems to have hair. It's just a happy, one-eyed emoji. Our excursion wasn't until this afternoon, so I
  14. Oh, Ms. Mary, I do hope you learn how to post pictures. I would love to see Marty pedaling on top of a fish. I tried to scrapbook, but I have too many photos from each vacation. I have some huge albums, but now I’ve gone digital too. A cousin I travel with sometimes said she doesn’t take pictures any more because when she dies her children will just throw them away. I take my pictures so I can relive a vacation whenever I feel like it, and I know my children will have to throw away my albums when I die. They take up a lot of storage space.
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