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  1. Hope to hear more about your cruise and see more photos.
  2. I'm enjoying your review. We'll be on an MSC cruise in October also departing from Barcelona, but it's an older ship, the Poesia. And we won't be Yacht Club, but I can dream as I look at your pictures.
  3. Thought I would ask here rather than starting a new thread about dining. There are six of us, all new to MSC, who will be cruising the Western Mediterranean on the Poesia October 24. We requested first seating. Our booking information shows that request but says dining sitting is subject to confirmation once on board. My question is, who does the confirming? Guest services or someone in the MDR?
  4. That Ketchikan excursion would have been worth it just for the eagle! I hope Joyce was able to get enough salad and cheesecake to hold her until you got back on the ship. And do I see green mashed potatoes as part of the Canaletto salad or was that something else? I have to mention that I laughed really hard about the salt incident.
  5. I always love reading your reviews and seeing your pictures. Did you watch sail away from your balcony? I enjoy the perspective of the photo showing the Celebrity Eclipse leaving the harbor. It appears a set up for another flight plane accident.
  6. Loved your review! You were allowed to take photos in the museum by the Parthenon! Lucky you. When we visited about seven years ago, photos were not allowed.
  7. I'm enjoying your review and look forward to more. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
  8. Thank you for doing a trip report plus pictures. We'll be doing a Mediterranean cruise in October (on the Poesia which I don't see much about) so I'm looking forward to reading more.
  9. Glad you found time for more posts. Look forward to seeing more.
  10. I'm enjoying your review and love the pictures!
  11. Thank you for this review and especially the photos. We’ll be doing the same ports in October on MSC and look forward to reading/seeing more about your trip.
  12. I wonder how they decide who gets evacuated first. Women and children? Young to old? And I just hope everyone gets through this with the least amount of injuries.
  13. Thank you for your interesting trip report. Did you bring waders or boots with you? Did the ship provide any?
  14. Glad that my review is still helpful. djh1959, here's hoping you have neither low water nor high water for your trip. As for why the review is still getting replies, my guess would be it's for the same reason I read older trip reports before I went on my two river cruises. There aren't a lot that have details and a lot of photos. Those were always my favorite.
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