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  1. My wife is disabled and I have to agree with Victoria, we have sailed on all Cunards ships and have always felt welcomed by everyone working on the ships. We have always completed the medical questionnaire in advance disclosing my wife's disabilty and her need to use a wheelchair. We dont use an accessable cabin as we can manage in a normal one with the chair folded up. A couple of examples of the help we get are, when leaving the ship at a port of call the assistance from the staff at the gang ways are second to none and without their help we would never be able to disembark at a port of call, especially up and down a steep gang way. Another example was our waitor on the main dinning room, meeting us at the dinning room entrance every night and taking charge of getting my wife to our table and again at the end of dinner taking her back to the exit, just couldnt have asked for more. There are too many other instances to list here to show just how welcomimg Cunard and their staff make a disabled person feel and would not like someone reading this thread to think they are not welcome. The original posters experiance is unfortune but if you disclose your situation and needs in advance there shouldn't be a problem, well in our experiance anyway.
  2. Thanks to everyone for all the replies, they have been most helpful. Looks like our cruising days aren't over yet!
  3. Thanks for your reply. She has both, have spoken with the fire and rescue authority who have assured us that cylinders are safe and, for example. there is no issue with using then in the car on a long journey as they are extremely robust, thus I cannot see how use on a ship would be any different. Hence my question to get some advice from anyone who has the actual experience of using oxygen on board. Having said that I would not expect to need to use cylinders on board only a generator overnight.
  4. Has anyone experience of requiring to use oxygen on a daily basis on board? My DW has been prescribed to use oxygen on a part time basis, ie overnight so would be grateful for the experiences of anyone who has such a requirement.
  5. We have flown on numerous occasions from either Edinburgh or Glasgow to Southampton the day before sailing, staying overnight in a Southampton hotel. We also send our luggage ahead to the hotel using one of the baggage transfer companies. So when we arrive at the hotel our baggage, as many cases as we choose, is there waiting for us. The next day the hotel provides transport to the dock and on return transport back to the hotel. We then leave our luggage with the hotel and the same company picks up our baggage that afternoon as we go to the airport and fly home. Baggage delivered home the following day. Just what can be more hassle free, traveling at a respectable time of day, a relaxed overnight stay in Southampton and with no baggage to worry about.
  6. Full wrap around promenade deck with ample room for wheelchair users. Commodore Club Fixed dinning Dress code oh and keep the shower curtains!
  7. We have friends who were on QE recently and unless they have changed how it is served since their cruise, it came liquidised a big NO NO. It should come thick and creamy with chunks of smoked haddock and potatoes, you should certainly not be able to suck it through a straw! A good bowl of Cullen Skink is nearly a meal in itself and is truly delicious.
  8. When we questioned the sales team on QV in June about the lack of Med cruises next year and the preponderance of Iceland, Norway and Baltic cruises we were told that was what the passengers had asked for. Would love to know who they asked as we haven't found anyone yet who has a preference for 'cold' cruises!
  9. I received this email too and we do not have a cruise booked either other than a future deposit. But, more curious is that we also received the same email from P and O even although we have not sailed with them for over 10 years.
  10. Can't say I am impressed with the entrees. Afraid I can't see how these are an improvement over the old ones. Disappointing that the salads are no longer a separate course. But guess I am in the minority, maybe even a minority of one!
  11. Me too just not working for me using IE. Changed to Firefox and can see them no problem.
  12. No not just you, I can't see them, either on iPad or laptop. Sorry Hattie.
  13. Would one way around issues with the Data Protection Act 2018 be to obtain the permission of the star of the month to use their photograph. So far as the actual magazine is concerned thought it was a very poor read, poor content with no substance.
  14. I wonder if you will think that way if you are ever so held up you miss the cruise. £150 seems a small amount to safeguard the £5,000 or so that the cruise costs. Although now retired, when working we always travelled down the day before even using a day of my annual leave.
  15. So there is someone in this world who believes everything they read in the papers, guess there had to one. Such silliness.
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