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  1. The article in the NY Post was first published a couple days before in the Houston Chronicle (I live in the Houston area). Since I read the HC every morning, I had already known about the issue and was surprised that the NY Post picked it up. I tried to find the original HC article a few minutes ago, but was not able to find it. Even if I had found the article it probably would be locked to subscribers only which much of the HC is. I do not remember the details only that the huge Houston Medical community was not taking the news lightly. BTW - - The NY Post is considered right of center, where as the HC is left of center, which is another reason I was surprised to see the NY Post article.
  2. Agree with "Happy Cruiser" and "awhfy", but PR, if like every other time that we have stopped there, is a brief and late afternoon/evening stop and you may not want to get off the ship. But, if you do there are plenty of things to see. The others have mentioned shopping, but St. Thomas and St. Maarten both have great beaches so are a great places for that type of activity. Remember that St. Maarten is half French and half Dutch controlled. You will dock on the Dutch side and can stay there if wanted, but the best known beaches (and shopping for that matter) are on the French side. However, as is the case many places in the world, if it is French then the beaches are all topless and some totally nude. The most famous (Orient Beach) is both and you can easily walk between both either on purpose or by accident if you happen to miss the signs. Either side is free to walk to the other side; just a warning. Otherwise a great beach.
  3. The YC Restaurant is small and had a waiting line when we departed. By accident we arrived before they were open (11 AM I think) although there was nothing that said otherwise, so we just seated ourselves and enjoyed the view. It is an open air (but covered) restaurant with an indoor section that is very small, more like a typical bar area. The menu, at least last December, was limited to three or four main entrees. We both had the mahi-mahi and it was very good. There are limited choices for appetizers and desserts, but we had no trouble finding what we wanted to order and without any regrets. The YC Restaurant is about as far from the ship as is possible so be sure to get on the tram at each end unless you want a nice walk. At the time of our visit the YC "galley" was a food trailer a few yards away. I would guess that this is/was temporary since there is a large building close to the YC Restaurant (may not be related at all, just a guess). Very nice way to spend a part of the day.
  4. Since Cirque du Soleil is bankrupt, it will be interesting what will be offered in the CdS Theatres. Maybe MSC will just hire the entertainers directly? I hope they survive bankruptcy and can restart their shows. The one that we had the opportunity to attend was very good. We have been on RCL, but more recently on Celebrity and Princess. IMO, the entertainment in the main theatre, especially on the Seaside, was outstanding. We did not attend other entertainment venues unless we just happened to be walking by, but even then we found some good shows. Others have mentioned that the passengers were mainly from outside the US even though in our case both of our MSC sailings were from Miami. I could not tell any difference in the mix from all our other Florida sailings. Funny, but there was a group of 6+ family members that just happen to sit near us during two or three shows. They were obviously of Asian descent. During the one of the shows the CD asked for applause from people from different countries, the group that I would have guessed were maybe Chinese were from Canada. Never know, but it makes no difference to me since I enjoy meeting people from all countries and backgrounds. Ocean Cay is MSC's new private island. We really enjoyed our visit although as YC members we got special treatment. The island was brand new when we visited last December, I think that our ship was the 3 or 4th to visit. Should become even more impressive as all the new vegetation is allowed to grow. I hope there are no hurricanes in Ocean Cay's future. It had one minor hit already this year, hopefully the last.
  5. Yea, I think that you are correct. Did it allow US passengers? I don't remember.
  6. Below is a link directly to the USA Today article. The article is long by USA Today standards which tend to be shorter and more just the facts without a lot of detail. In any case, the cruise lines are still having considerable problems getting the last of their members home for a variety of reasons. Very difficult situation arranging travel for people from all over the world with many countries not even allowing pass-through air passengers. Not really the cruise lines fault, but the buck stops with them and they are trapped in a situation that they cannot control. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/08/cruise-ships-us-have-12000-crew-members-amid-covid-19/5574288002/
  7. I agree with WH_Cruise, there will be no US sailings this year and probably for most of next year. Any ship that tries to sail will likely be a very short, and sad, cruise. It will be interesting how many lines decide that the holiday rush period will not be worth the risk to their business, crew, or passengers.
  8. Sadly, very true. According to my travel agent, MSC still plans on starting in the U.S. this fall. Not going to happen. I was calling them to cancel my December cruise before they grabbed my final payment money. We cannot afford to finance MSC for any length of time not to mention the obvious COVID outbreak that will happen if they try to sail this year. Maybe even extending well into 2021.
  9. The cruises that I was referring to was one very small boat (36 passengers) out of Canada, and the remaining were cruises in Europe. The U.S. has been totally shut down for months.
  10. If their experience is like the few smaller, to much smaller, cruise lines, they will depart, then turn around two or three days later with COVID being the main not-paying passenger. Hope not, but almost a certainty within a cruise or two.
  11. Briefly, MSC moved the Seaside out of Miami to Port Canaveral and the Megaveliga took over Seaside's Miami itineraries (dropping the Meg's old routes and sail dates). The remaining passengers from both ships are supposedly now combined into one ship. In our case, we just changed departure date by one day to the old Seaside Miami sail date (12/05). No direct word on how they handled the cabin assignments. Since we booked through a TA we can see next to nothing when I log into "my booking" on MSC. The T/A says nothing has changed at least for the cabin assignment (YC). I had already canceled our plane tickets before United discontinued their cancel for any reason for a full refund (or "mileage" in our case). Not not convinced that any cruise line will be sailing this year from the U.S. We have about 3-4 weeks before they take our money. Decisions, decisions, decisions..........
  12. We received the same email today. Our December cruise was changed one day, but the same ship. No word if our YC cabin has been changed (cabin #). Have about 4 weeks before final payment to decide if we want to chance that any cruise departs from the U.S. this year. I guess either MSC thinks that they will be sailing in December, or are more than willing to take our money first and cancel the cruise later. What to do??????? Probably will cancel, cannot afford to give MSC a loan if they cancel the cruise.
  13. They changed their name to "Royal Caribbean Group" a few days ago and even changed their logo. TeeRick beat me to the keyboard LOL. http://www.rclcorporate.com/
  14. But, will they, or do they now? I do not know. Then, they may have no choice if the other ports of call do not open up.
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