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  1. I do not know about the "Edge", but all others are a "no". If you need an extension cord for medical reasons, request one via Celebrity's "Special Needs Form". Non-medical extension cords will likely be confiscated.
  2. Yea, they retag them. Not sure why MSC just doesn't send the correct tags to YC members in the first place. For our upcoming YC cruise, I will have the standard luggage tags contained so they cannot be removed, just in case the butler added tags get lost. IMO, I would at least add the tags provided in your documentation even though they will have a short life.
  3. One thing not mentioned that I enjoy looking at during sailing out of Galveston is looking at all the oil rigs. May sound odd, but they are pretty at night with all their lights on. You will sail by many rigs all night long and well into the next day. If you have never seen oil well platforms seeing them will give you a better understanding of what is required to get oil from the Gulf.
  4. Hamrag linked you to the official dress code. However, IMO, dressey causal will be fine every evening unless you want to dress to a higher level on the other nights mentioned on MSC's website. Either way, you will be fine and not stand out (you may if dressed "black tie"). Really seems to be the same as all main stream cruise lines, but with different desriptions of their dress-up nights. I think that they are guadually moving away from having real formal nights, which is driven home by the elimination of the "dress code for the evening" mandate to the code for the "MDR only" during dress-up nights.
  5. Many drugs are "Scheduled" (I have no idea how many, but nearly all of ours are; I think they all are), and if so, the government controls how many pills can be dispensed in a given a time period. The drugstores use a government database that shows what a person has been prescribed at all drugstores. In our case, I have not been able to find anyway around the strict limits for Scheduled drugs here in Houston. I expect that some kind of exception to the rules are allowed if you can prove that you will be out of the county when a refill is due, but so far we have not had this situation come up. GoodRx is no help at all in getting around the rules; the same rules apply to them as any other type of Plan. We seldom use it anymore since Costco's plan always beat even their own GoodRx price. Before joining Costco, we did use GoodRx or at least check it to get the best price for a given drug. Now that is even getting difficult since most doctors want to electronically send a new Rx directly to a drugstore that I specify on the spot. No chance to price compare. If asked quickly enough they may agree to write an Rx, but that is not the preferred method. My guess is that paper prescriptions will soon be a thing of the past.
  6. I would be a zombie for at least a week. I cannot handle time changes very well at all. Even our upcoming switch to Standard Time will mess me up for at least a week. My next door neighbor travels all over the world and he says that jet lag is not a problem for him. Most of his trips are less than a week regardless how far he travels.
  7. Interesting that you can take both IR & ER ambien at the same time. Never thought of that combo. I did not travel internationally before I retired and rarely do now (two time zones usually max). In any case, I cannot use ambien anymore. I am glad that you found a method that works for you and a doctor, and pharmacist, that will work with you prescribing/taking both. Here in Houston I do not think that I could fill both without a battle. All the major drug stores here got together and, as a group, decided not to fill any scheduled medication more than three days before a refill is due (my pharmacists told me this). Not related to your situation, but does show that there are different rules depending on where a person lives. If the FDA doesn't mess things up enough then the local pharmacies jump in. It is a real problem for anyone taking a scheduled medication(s).
  8. I had good luck with the ER for months before it gave out like I mentioned earlier. After I stopped ambien I happened to look a little deeper into the actual difference between the the instant release (IR) and the ER version. Not that much difference over 8 hours. I agree that mixing the IR & ER versions is not an issue, especially since the difference is minor. Have you tried Costcos if you have one nearby? I was off of ambien before I started buying prescriptions from them, but I would bet that you would save at least 50% off that $50 price. They usually beat the crap out of all competitors when selling generics.
  9. I also agree. Our final day is usually like LMaxwell's day. Since OC will be our last day, there is a good chance we will not even get off the ship (maybe briefly), but that is our SOP at nearly every Caribbean port since we have seen them all. It should be a great day to enjoy what may usually be crowded ship experiences, the Spa for example. One thing that has not been mentioned yet, but in our experience when returning to either FL or TX ports in the late fall/winter months, the last day is usually cool to cold with rain. I can remember one time when that was not the case and it was a great day. Sunny, and mild not hot as more typical in the other ports farther away from FL.
  10. The dress code in the YC is the same each night. Formal wear (tuxes, etc.) is rare anywhere on the ship. If you want to dress up that is fine, but a coat, with or without a tie, will be fine. Seems to be the same on all mainline cruiselines now. I have not taken even a tie for years.
  11. Just curious, are you pricing brand or generic? I used to take 12.5 mg CR of Ambien and then the generic when it became available every night for a few years before it gave out. The doctor then switched me to very low dose (10 mg) of amitriptyline, which works better and is dirt cheap. Good luck with your pricing wars, it is a jungle out there!
  12. As the others have mentioned there was a cruise sales office on the Seaside during our December cruise. Actually, I never saw anyone in the office except for the lonely salesperson. Could have been because it was not advertised at all as far as I knew so no obvious incentive to stop in. Wish we had now. On Celebrity they send sales notices nearly every night and the last day is a circus in their Sales Office. Have to wait inline and hope you can grab something that you like. Since we never have any cruise in mind months in advance, it was weird to wait then just basically say "show us what you got." We played that game one time and came out OK for a cruise a year in advance.
  13. Many Part D programs have arrangements with major drug stores (CVS for example) so they can fill 90 day prescriptions at the same price as mail order and in fact have discontinued their use altogether. I used to have to use mail-in programs for my wife and me for our 90 day prescriptions, but always worried that the Rx would get lost either going, or coming from the mail pharmacy. We were mailing Schedule II drugs (90 days legal at the time) and a lost prescription would have been a real problem having to get it rewritten. Even Costco will refill a 90 day prescription at less cost than the current mail order places. Just no reason for us to take a chance on mail-ins.
  14. Will not necessarily fix the OP's problem, but if any of you live near a Costco (Sam's Club too I believe have similar pricing) you may want to join their prescription program which is not connected to any insurance that you may have (Part D in most cases in this thread). We have found out through trial and error that their program, for generics especially, can beat the crap out of Part D Plans. For example, I have one drug that is not on any Part D program. For a 90 day Rx at any standard drug store it costs over $500. At Costcos it is around $50. No typos in the the last sentence, a 10x difference for the exact same pill/manufacturer. We have found savings on nearly all generics even those that are on Part D Plans (co-pays are more than just paying cash). When Costco receives a new Rx they compare the person's Part D Plan to their price and then they pick the least expensive (they also accept GoodRx, but don't waste your time here, they will beat it too even their own GoodRx coupon LOL). We have saved way more than enough money to pay for our annual membership fee many times over. Only two downsides; not open on Sundays, and no drive throughs at least not here). For the money, I can adapt. You do not need to be member of Costco to get access to the pharmacy, but I am not sure if non-members can join their Rx Program. I know that when you apply (on paper) it does ask for your membership number.
  15. Sadly, many people do die a needless early death by not knowing they have SA, or refusing to do anything about it. Post death, how many heart attack victim families are told that their loved one really died of SA? Not many I would quest, the cause of death is just written off as a "heart attack". Also, most do not know the signs of SA some of which are critical to people that live alone. Everyone knows about snoring, but I think the number #1 unknown symptom is having to get up and go to the bathroom more than once or twice (max) a night (men especially may write it off for other reasons). Remember that SA messes with your entire body even the kidneys. There is almost no body function that is not affected, which is why it is so deadly.
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